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Joyous students back to school

Published : 12 Sep 2021 10:12 PM | Updated : 13 Sep 2021 12:37 AM

Schools and colleges in the country reopened on Sunday following rigid health guidelines. The students after a disorienting academic atmosphere for long 543 days of stagnation, due to corona virus pandemic, have returned to their classes with joy. The premises have got the old scenario back, abuzz with students and teachers, but in a different gesture.

This resumption of educational activities in the classrooms after almost 18 months has made the students delighted while the guardians heave a sigh of relief. They are not worried of the educational future of the students for the time being.

Students, especially youngsters, feel a great cheer to have got back to the old times; going to school with uniforms on, joining mates and making merriments.

On Sunday morning, students were seen on the streets after getting out of their house with excitement. Their smiles and laughter could be seen and heard even through the masks they wore on.

Md Yasin Arafat, an SSC examinee this year from Al Nahiyan High School, was heading to school wearing masks. While meeting this Correspondent at Mirpur-01 in the capital city of Dhaka, he expressed his glee to Bangladesh Post saying, “I am happier to join classes. I am about to see my old mates. I have missed them as much I missed my classroom and school ground.”

“The closure has led to a slowdown in our studies and raised our mental irritation as well. But now that the school is open, I hope, speed will come back again,” he added.

However, he felt a bit sad as they all have to walk a certain distance from the classroom to the rest of the premises. Even, they are not allowed to play on the ground for the time being.

Meanwhile, many students have bought schoolbags, uniforms and shoes before going to school after this prolonged closure. They felt as if they were joining school for the first time.

Tasmia Tabassum Tonni, a ninth grader of the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Academy at Agargaon expressed her happiness to buy a new bag and a pair of shoes.

She told Bangladesh Post, “My previous pair of shoes won’t fit anymore and the bag has been torn. I am happy to get new ones.”

When asked if she is satisfied with the corona virus prevention measures taken

by the institution, she said she is happy with the measures taken by the school authorities. They have been allowing the students to the school ensuring hand sanitization and social distancing.

Talking to the parents about the resuming of the educational institutions, it is learnt that they are breathing a sigh of relief after they see their boys and girls attending the schools after long days. They were much worried about the education of their children as the school was not open although the classes were conducted online. But with the opening of the school, they have become less worried. 

Md Naim Biswas, a guardian of an SSC examinee expressed his gratefulness to

the government. He told Bangladesh Post, “My daughter has taken good preparation  for the upcoming SSC examination. We no longer want our children to get evaluated automatically. These are not at all satisfactory.”

Miss Shilpa Akter, a guardian of a fifth grader of Monipur High School told

Bnagladesh Post, “I am very happy as a guardian because the students do not get educated online as the way they are taught in the classroom.”

However, we are satisfied with the way the school authorities have taken measures to ensure the safety of the students. My child is out of home after a long time. He has been addicted to mobile phones and games at home, now it is a relief to think that he can play a little now along with study,” she added.

Meanwhile, schools and colleges, especially in urban areas, have been redesigned and renovated to welcome their students after a long closure. Besides, teachers have been trained to manage the institution in special circumstances.

The schools authorities have installed disinfection tunnel, hand sanitizing facilities and prepared isolation centres as per the directive issued by the Directorate of  Secondary and Higher Education, before they reopened schools and colleges Sunday.

Monipur High School and College has done well in compliance with the health protocols. The main gate of the premises has been installed with sanitizing and disinfection facility. No student is allowed without masks. In addition, the authorities have taken all steps to raise awareness and hygiene rules to prevent corona virus infection.

When asked what measures they have taken to ensure the safety, the Principal of the institution Forhad Hossain told Bangladesh Post, “We have taken all measures a few days ago to fully comply with the health rules directed by the government. No one is allowed to enter the institutions without  mask. We tell everyone to wash hands before they go to class. In addition, we tell every student to be away from each other.”

Regarding the opening of the educational institution, Md Mamun Talukder, headmaster of Shahid Sheikh Rasel Govt High School told Bangladesh Post, “After a long time, we are in a festive atmosphere in the school. Our school seems to have come back to life. Even though we took classes online, we did not get close to the students. Now the scenario has started to change.” The government came to a decision on September 5 to reopen educational institutions on September 12 as the corona virus infection started declining. It directed schools and colleges across the country to make the best possible arrangements so that they can ensure everyone’s safety.