Attack on media people

Journalist leaders demand justice

Published : 04 Jan 2024 09:43 PM
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Senior journalist leaders on Thursday formed a human chain demanding justice for those who attacked media workers on the day of BNP's general meeting on October 28. 

They said that journalists were attacked indiscriminately, but the administration took no action even after two months. They called for identifying the criminals and taking immediate legal action.

Shyamal Dutta, the general secretary of National Press Club, spoke on behalf of the journalists in the human chain, emphasizing that media should work independently, and that it is the responsibility of all political parties to ensure this. 

He expressed disappointment that no action had been taken by the administration against those who indiscriminately attacked journalists.

Omar Farooq, president of the BFUJ-Bangladesh Federal Union of Journalists, said "BNP has proved that they are a terrorist group by attacking journalists on October 28. BNP is no longer a political party. If they were a political party, they would never have attacked journalists like this."

Dip Azad, secretary-general of BFUJ, said: "The administration should identify those who brutally attacked journalists and bring them under the law." He further demanded that exemplary punishment be provided to the attackers.

Syed Shukur Ali, president of Dhaka Reporters Unity, said that on October 28, BNP aimed to create anarchy in the country, but journalists have to reveal everything. He accused BNP of attacking journalists to prevent their misdeeds from being exposed to the world.

The journalists who were victims of the attack expressed these sentiments during a human chain demanding justice for those involved in the assault on journalists at the BNP rally in front of the National Press Club in Dhaka on Thursday.

The assaulted journalists emphasized that there is footage of those who openly attacked them, but no arrests have been made so far. 

They expressed their hope that the government would take appropriate action against those responsible for the attack.