Journalist injured in attack by miscreants

Published : 12 Feb 2024 09:16 PM

Channel 24 journalist Rasheduzzaman was injured in an attack by miscreants while collecting news in Meherpur's Amzhupi. He was injured in an attack by some people in front of the office of an NGO called Human Development Center on Monday around 12 noon.  

Sirajjuddouja Pavel, the Meherpur district representative of Zababdihi newspaper, was also injured at this time.  Later, the police came and brought the situation under control. Two people have been arrested in the incident. It is learnt that the journalists went to collect news that one person was killed in a collision between two motorcycles.  As an official of the Human Development Center was involved in the accident, common people gathered in front of the organization's office.  At that time, some journalists were attacked by 8-10 people while they were going to take pictures of the trouble.   They attacked the journalists with sticks. To save Rasheduzzaman, they attacked Meherpur District Representative Siraju Douza Pavel.  At this time, these two journalists were injured.  Later, the police went to the spot and brought the situation under control. Injured journalist Rasheduzzaman said that some persons ambushed him while recording video footage to perform his professional duties.  Before they could understand anything, they hit with killing punches and sticks.  They were abusing him for taking video footage during the attack.  The attackers also tried to snatch the mobile phone in hand. These two journalists said that they will file a case with the police regarding the attack.

Officer-in-Charge of Meherpur Sadar Police Station Sheikh Kani Mia said that after receiving the news, a police team reached the spot. 

 Among the attackers, two people named Abu Layes and Ziaur Rahman have been arrested.  It is being investigated whether the incident was carried out by some organized gang.  The persons involved in the attack are being identified from CCTV footage and video footage captured on mobile phones.  He also said that later they will be brought under the purview of law.

Meanwhile, the Meherpur Press Club has given ultimatum till evening to bring the culprits under the law.  Meherpur's journalist society strongly condemned and protested the incident.