Joint action plan to undo price manipulation

Implement system to end the corruption

The cartel groups control prices of essential commodities and create fluctuations in the market which cause common folks a lot of trouble. As a result of such meddling in the market there is always a tension in people’s mind about

budgeting for food. However, there has always been efforts to curb such tinkering of cartel groups who are in the game to make the big bucks by thwarting the farmers’ efforts.

A joint venture planning session has already been held to curb the activities of the syndicates by removing their hands from where they shouldn’t be. 

 It is high time that authorities tighten their game 

and bring to bat the unscrupulous people who 

prey on the needs of the common man

As per a report published in this daily, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Agriculture, National Board of Revenue and the Central Bank have already held a meeting to fulfill this agenda and it provides much needed hope to the farmers who have been suffering at the hands of price cartels for long.

With the Aman paddy harvest nearing, conscious groups and concerned farmers are afraid of the actions of syndicates. Despite the numerous campaigning against syndicates, middlemen and corrupt traders, they are still active and have stayed as the cause of headache for many people. 

In these times of need and coronavirus pandemic, it is high time that authorities concerned tighten their game and bring to bat the unscrupulous people who prey on the needs of the common man.

But, it is also true that whenever such an attempt was made, local political groups have stepped in to harass the endeavour and effectively shutting down the process. We think that such a solution will ultimately benefit the country in the long run and thus the government must ensure that such a system can be implemented as soon as possible.