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Jobs students can pursue before graduation

Published : 14 Jan 2024 10:04 PM

In Western cultures, it is a common practice for teenagers to seek part-time employment as a means of achieving financial independence. Similarly, in our country, there is a growing trend among students to actively pursue both part-time and full-time jobs. This inclination arises from the desire to cover personal expenses and make meaningful contributions to their families' financial well-being. Monthly earnings in such roles can range from Tk8,000 to Tk15,000 or more.

Beyond financial benefits, engaging in part-time or full-time employment helps cultivate essential life skills, including discipline, effective time management, adherence to workplace protocols, and the ability to collaborate within a team. This experience also exposes students to real-world work culture, providing insights into professional expectations and dynamics, potentially easing the transition from academic to professional environments.

Securing a job during student life involves exploring diverse avenues such as volunteer work, online job portals like BD Jobs, and social media platforms like Facebook groups, with networking being the most effective method. An executive at a call centre

Working as an executive in a call centre is attractive to students because of its flexible schedules, allowing them to balance work and studies.

Generally, this position’s key responsibilities are generating leads from follow-up calls, managing online customer queries, handling incoming and outgoing calls, providing precise customer information and collecting feedback. Sometimes the role also includes preparing reports and performing tasks assigned by management. Numerous organisations – including those in the telecom industry, hospitals, hotels, banks and e-commerce-based firms – maintain call centres for effective customer relationship management. Genex Infosys and Hello World Communications are two such companies that welcome students.

Working at brand shops

Numerous world-class brands now have official outlets in our country and they have introduced a new employment sector for sales executives. This job also does not require any high qualifications. Anyone who has passed HSC or is continuing their graduation can easily apply for the position. Sales executives at brand shops engage directly with consumers, in the process learning how to skillfully apply effective marketing techniques, such as upselling and cross-selling, to promote and sell products.

Graphics designer

Today, businesses are compelled to maintain an online presence. One of the most effective ways to capture people’s attention is through visual appeal (via websites and social media platforms), and this is where graphics designers come in.

Anyone with basic certification from online or from local institutes can apply for these positions. Expert graphics designers can earn Tk80,000 to Tk1,00,000 every month after building a strong network of clients. 

Seasonal fair employment

Engaging in part-time employment at stalls during various fairs – such as the International Trade Fair in January or the Ekushey Boi Mela in February – offers a dynamic experience for students seeking part-time or full-time seasonal employment opportunities.

Especially in the month of Ramadan, most retailers hire contractual sales executives to meet customer demand – a good way to earn some extra cash before Eid.

Student consultant

The education consultancy business has seen a boom along with the increase in the number of student applicants at foreign universities in the recent past. Many small and medium-sized businesses have been established to address this need. This has opened up new part-time jobs, where one can work as a student consultant.

Student consultants guide students seeking to study abroad, assisting with the application process. They assess students’ academic backgrounds, recommend suitable institutions and stay updated on relevant regulations.

Consultants work in collaboration with all the stakeholders, preparing precise applications and meticulously maintaining records of student interactions and progress, which includes conducting follow-up calls and emails.

Social media moderator

E-commerce business has experienced a substantial expansion in the recent past. Most small businesses have already established their online presence through social media opening up a new job position: social media moderator or manager.

In addition, news organisations, tech companies, the travel and hospitality industry and the entertainment sector, healthcare organisations, to name a few, also require social media moderators. These moderators play a pivotal role in managing the online presence of these companies or brands on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

A social media manager is responsible for creating, curating and overseeing the implementation of a company’s social media strategy. One can develop expertise in content creation, audience engagement, analytics interpretation and strategic planning in such a role. The job also requires strong communication and writing skills.

Additionally, staying updated on the latest trends in digital marketing and having a deep understanding of various social media platforms is crucial for success in this role.

Reservations and ticketing

There are many travel agencies in our country, which offer both full-time and part-time jobs as an executive of reservation and ticketing.

This job involves managing and overseeing the reservation process and ticketing operations of airlines, ensuring efficient and accurate booking, issuance and customer service. Maintaining relationships with airlines and GDS personnel, addressing customer complaints courteously and managing daily official work, including invoicing and maintaining ticketing and visa-related accounts, are key aspects. The position also requires staying updated on airline/travel notices and circulars to inform the reservation team, sales team and others accordingly.

Front desk executive or receptionist

A receptionist’s job involves managing front-desk activities, greeting and assisting visitors, answering phone calls and performing administrative tasks to ensure smooth day-to-day operations in an organisation.

The job can potentially enhance one’s communication, multitasking, organisational and customer service skills while also developing one’s proficiency in office management and interpersonal interactions.

Receptionist jobs are commonly offered by a wide range of organisations, including corporate offices, hotels, medical facilities, educational institutions, government agencies and so forth.  Having fluency in English broadens the spectrum of job opportunities in this field.