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JnUCC : Charioteer to build desired career

Published : 23 May 2024 09:41 PM

The university is the highest educational institution to build a healthy and efficient society through practicing vast knowledge and technical know-how. University life is the appropriate time to choose a career and prepare for it. But when a student completes his school-college life and enters into the open premises of the vast knowledge of the university, he finds himself unskilled and incapable to find any good job. 

At this time, most of the students suffer from dilemmas and indecision about their careers. Question might arise in their mind whether they would be a BCS cadre or banker, an entrepreneur or a corporate job holder.  Valuable time is wasted in such wavering decisions. 

However, Jagannath University Career Club (JnUCC) has been working towards enabling students to set their goals and prepare themselves accordingly since its establishment in 2011. 

JnUCC was established on June 1, 2011 through far-reaching thoughts and efforts of a group of young students of Jagannath University with the aim of developing self-improvement and creative talent by increasing the necessary skills of students to qualify themselves in the job market. And the chief moderator of the club, Management Studies department's Professor Md. Mohiuddin, had been supporting from the very beginning with his guidance. 

Every year JnUCC organizes some of its signature programs. These are: a year-long "Leadership Development Program (LDP)" with freshers; Day-long “Uplift Your Career” program under the supervision of professional experts to develop employability skills in the continuous changing job market of the 21st century, online based content writing, graphics design, logo making and videography competition "Creative Maniac".

In addition, the club also organizes case competitions such as "Have Power on Power-Point & Presentation" competition to remove presentation and stage fear and "Dacoit of Excellence" business case competition at inter university level  with the participation of top universities of the country .

Chief Moderator of the club Prof. Mohiuddin said, “Besides academic studies, to keep students one step ahead, JnUCC was established. It is a platform where students learn and  develop their talents and skills by organizing various programs.”

However, when asked about the recently launched Leadership Development Program (LDP), The club President Shafkatu Azam said, “LDP is a member recruitment program of the club. Where fresh students are supervised to develop themselves as future leaders through various curriculum and skill training step by step over a period of year.”