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JnU arranges Hult Prize competition

Published : 18 Jan 2024 09:57 PM

University students, prepare to pitch your most innovative solutions for a better world! Hult Prize-JNU's "Unlimited" competition is back for its fourth year, challenging you to tackle any social or environmental issue aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This year, the theme is truly limitless - pitch any idea you can imagine, from ground-breaking technology to impactful social enterprises.

Participation is entirely free, and the competition unfolds in three phases. Start by submitting your abstract virtually, and if shortlisted, prepare to refine your idea in the semi-finals. The grand finale awaits on February 12th, where you'll pitch your vision to a panel of experts and compete for the top prize.

"This competition has been a springboard for turning hidden ideas into reality," remarked a past Hult Prize-JNU finalist. "Get ready to witness a wave of mind changers who will contribute to a better future through social enterprise!"

This is your chance to showcase your innovation, develop valuable skills, network with like-minded peers, and potentially make a real difference. Don't miss out on this "Unlimited" opportunity! Register for the Hult Prize-JNU On campus Business Case Idea Competition today - it's free and open to the Jagannath university students. Visit Hult Prize at Jagannath University facebook page and unleash your potential!