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JMB military wing chief held with others 5 in Rangpur

Plot for subversive activities foiled

Published : 04 Dec 2021 10:02 PM | Updated : 05 Dec 2021 02:50 PM

RAB personnel arrested five people in a raid at a militant hideout in Majhapara area of Sonaray union in Nilphamari sadar upazila.

The five arrested JMB members at Nilphamari district headquarters were planning to snatch the top JMB leaders from jail while they were being taken to court. They also had planned to attack the members of law enforcement agencies and blow out a large building.

Commander Khandaker Al Moin, director of Legal and Media Wing of RAB made the statement at a press conference at RAB-13 headquarters in Rangpur on Saturday afternoon.

The arrested members were identified as Ahidul Islam alias Ahidalias Palash, son of late Maqbul Hossain of Mushrat Kukhapara area of Nilphamari and head of JMB's military wing in Rangpur area and his associates Waheed Ali alias Abdur Rahman, son of WajuddinMasud of Pathanpara area of West Kuchiamor of the same district, Abdullah Al Mamun alias Suja, son of Taslim Uddin of South Balapara area, Zahidul Islam alias Zahid alias Jobayer, son of late Maqbul Hossain of Musharat Kukhapara area and Nur Amin alias Sabuj, son of late Rajab Ali of the same district.

Bomb-making equipment and used chemicals, a pistol, a magazine, 5 rounds of ammunition and various bomb-making equipment were recovered from them during this time.

It was informed at the press conference that the arrested JMB members were increasing their strength around the Uttara EPZ in Nilphamari. They are active members of the JMB's military wing. The RAB official said that they were planning subversive attacks with improvised explosive device (IED) training. Ahid had made Improvised Explosives Device (IED) 2-3 months ago. While making the bomb, it exploded in the middle of the night and set fire to Ahid's house. 

The members used to surf different web pages on the internet and get training on how to make bombs. They made IEDs and kept them at the house of militant Sharif for several days at the instruction of Amir of Rangpur region through online. They had included 20-25 people from Rangpur region in their militant organizations. Some of them are workers, auto drivers, tailors etc. from Rangpur region. Ahidul works for a toy manufacturing company. He studied till 10th class. He had been overseeing the activities of the JMB's military wing in the region. Legal action has been taken against the arrested persons.

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