Jhenaidah Zilla Parishad chairman denied corruption allegations

Published : 24 Sep 2023 08:46 PM

Jhenaidah district council (zilla parishad) chairman M Harun or Rashid in counter press conference had denied all allegations against him brought by his members. 

The press conference held at Jhenaidah district council auditorium on Thursday noon. Earlier some the district council member hold a press conference at Jhenaidah press club on Wednesday morning accusing M Harun or Rashid of corruptions.

In his written statement Jhenaidah district council chairman M Harun Or Rashid said that the council members being instigated by vested quarter had brought fake allegations against him they had failed to realize their personal interest through the parishad. 

Harun said since he took responsibility as the chairman of Jhenaidah district council, has been furnishing all activities as per the rules of the government through transparency of finance and accounts and project implementation. 

In his statement Harun said he has been rendering services with a spirit of liberation war to participate in mass development programme of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina when she has been reluctantly working to make Bangladesh Smart with its smart citizens. 

M Harun Or Rashid said, some of the council members with their evil motives have been misleading the people highlighting fake information. All the officials and staff of Jhenaidah district council remain present during the press conference.