Jhenaidah Pally Bidyut hopes to solve power crunch by June-end

Published : 08 Jun 2023 10:11 PM

Amid the severe electricity crisis in the country, Pally Bidyut Samity (PBS) in Jhenidah hoping to solve ongoing power disruptions to its consumers of six upazilas of the district by end of this month. 

PBS have been giving the message that they have been providing power supply services to the consumers equally so that no one of them could be left from the service anyway. They are confident enough that they might be able to solve the problems by the end of this month, said a source related to PBS in Jhenaidiah general manger office. The sources said they have been providing power services to 413,418 consumers in Jhenaidah Sadar, Kaliganj, Kotchandpur, Moheshpur, Shailkupa and Harinakundu upazilas. Of them 2,659 connections were provided for industry, 20,771 for commercial, 5,275 for charity like mosques, temples etc. 415 for deep tube wells (DTW), 11 for low lift power pump (LLP), 8,059 for shallow tube wells and remaining 376,187 connections for residential or general connections.  The power supply activities are running through 83 feeders in 14 sub stations throughout the district. The consumers in Jhenaidah availing 93 megawatts of power in the pick hours, while 83 megawatts in off-pick hours. Right now, they have been providing around 60 percent of power to the consumers, the sources said.

General manager of PBS in Jhenaidah Imdadul Islam when contacted admitted the sufferings of the people when the power supply was cut nationally, said to make the situation clear and motivating the power consumers for proper utilization of power including avoid waste. To this end they have been conducting courtyard meeting in the grassroot level consumers, motivating the students of secondary and higher secondary level students of educational institutions, sharing with local and district administration and law enforcing agency men. 

As a part of the motivational programme, Arun Kumar Mandal, deputy secretary of the ministry of power and fuel had visited Jhenaidah and shared with all classes of consumers when the power supply was in shameful state. According to the PBS GM, they were hopeful to ensure adequate and uninterrupted power supply for every subscriber by last week of June to ease the sufferings of the people. It will also help strengthen the socio-economic state of the people, he expressed his hope.