Jhenaidah man to continue tree planting throughout Mujib Barsho

Published : 11 Aug 2020 08:16 PM | Updated : 06 Sep 2020 06:07 AM
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A youth named Jahir Rahman of Ramnagar village of Jhenaidah Sadar upazila had decided to continue tree transplantation till last day of the Mujib Barsho. He had transplanted 150 saplings on Saturday, the first day of his starting at his village.

Jahir Rahman manages the education expenses of 12 orphanage girls and boys in the area. Abide the casual work as a painter, he moves to elsewhere with his drawing brush and color. 

He writes many ethical words on the walls that increases the beauty of the area. Educational institutions are considered most important place for writing as the future generation children are growing there. 

The theme of Jahir Rahman is “Plant trees, save environment, make your child educated in science and technology with morality, Allah loves learned people, follow the ideology of the Prophet (S), arrange accommodation for birds to save nature, if you fell a tree, transplant at least three”, etc. The man sets decorative earthen pots at the heist branches of trees to ensure nests for the birds so they feel secure from the attack of bad people.

The locals had offered a title for the tree lover Jahir Rahman, as Gachhpagal (tree lover) as transplantation of tree is his hobby and also a commitment to the society. 

He said he had transplanted saplings of fruit beating, timber and  medicinal plants at the premises of schools, colleges and madrashahs in Jhenidah Sadar, Kaliganj, Shailkupa and Harinakundu upazila in the district, Sometimes the learned people invites him to serve elsewhere. He has been also removing iron pins from the trees when the lusty people set the iron hook for publicity purposes with banner and festoons.

Talking to Bangladesh Post, Jahir Rahman said as he even could not complete his secondary level education for acute poverty, he has taken a mission to help the poor educated so that they could play role in running the country efficiently as good citizens.

Raihan said his son studying in honours in political science and the daughter in class nine. Both his children and wife Shahnaz Parvin encourage him to go ahead. Now he has been maintaining four-member family with his two children, wife and an orphan girl child.

The noble man said Parvin manages the family anyhow with the limited amount of money what he earns from painting as major portion is spent for voluntary activities. He purchases the saplings from any nursery and transplant them free of cost. 

Jahir Rahman is confident enough that as Bangabandhu brought the independence of the country from the clutch of autocrat Pakistani rulers in 1971, the country must be rebuilt as Sonarbangla under the bold leadership and efficiency of his daughter Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, and the people await the golden moment.