Jhenaidah govt primary schools in dire condition

Published : 14 Nov 2022 08:16 PM

A government primary school in Shailkupa upazila of Jhenaidah has been continuing its education to the students in the dilapidated tin shed house at Shahbajpur for last half a decade. Shortage of teachers, want of suitable academic building, wash block and office peons the primary level institution in the remote village failing to provide proper education to the learners. 

The higher authorities of the primary education de2partment were informed the matter time and again, but failed.  

Locals and school management committee members said Shahbajpur government primary school was established in 1973 by some of the local education loving people to ensure basic education for their children. Now a total of 230 students have been taking lesson here. 

A against sanctioned seven positions, four including the acting headmaster have been discharging duties. Position of the headmaster went vacant when its headmaster Ananta Kumar Devnath went on retirement on February 21 of 2014. 

Since then the acting headmaster Mokaddes Hossain has been serving as the headmaster.

Acting headmaster Mokaddes Hossain when contacted said the tin shed house of the main house was damaged a long ago. 

It offers huge rainwater during the monsoon and makes the learners and teachers to get wet even after as light rainfall. 

He said the dilapidated latrine of the school provides bad-smell round the clock. A number of minor learners residing near the school leave the school to respond to their natural calls anytime, while others suffer untold.

Some management committee members of Shahbajpur government primary school said they had informed the authority for a multi-storied building for them a long ago, but the same was yet to be sanctioned.

Israil Hossain, upazila primary education officer (UPEO) at Shailkupa in Jhenaidah when contacted said they had sent a proposal to sanction a new building with wash-block for Shahbajpur government primary school. 

They have been waiting for the respond any time. There will be separate wash rooms for the boys and girls and ensure better healthy environment.

Further, the government had decided to recruit adequate teachers for the whole country which might reduce the teachers shortage for all the primary schools, UPEO said.