Jhenaidah farmers cultivating onion on over 10 thousand hectares

Shailkupa upazila farmers produce around 85 percent

Published : 02 Feb 2024 10:02 PM

The farmers in six upazilas of Jhenaidah have been cultivating onion on over 10 thousand hectares of land to produce 194,000 tons of the spicy crop this season. The average yield on each hectare was estimated for 13 tones, said the officials of the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) in Jhenaidah.  The farmers in the district had produced 182,5589 tones of onion on their 9,784 hectares of land where they had harvested 18.71 tones on an average.

 The farmers in Shailkupa upazila have been playing role in producing the major portion of the spicy crops every year. At least 85 percent of the total production of onion achcieves from the upazila, DAE sources said.

Farmer Bappi Sheikh of village Devtala in Shailkupa upazila in Jhenaidah when contacted at his onion plot said he has been cultivating the crop on his one bigha (40 decimals) of land in the season. He was expecting at least 90 maunds of onion primarily estimated for Taka 220,000. He was expecting the net profit for Taka 150,000 from the crops as he will have to spend Taka 50 thousand for the farming including seeds, fertilizer, irrigation, weeding and other purposes, He was very happy to see the growth of the crop and better prices in the market, Bappi Sheikh said.

DAE deputy director’s office at Jhenaidah Khamarbari said they had set target to produce 194,000 tons of thew spicy crop on over 10 thousand hectares of land to this season as against last season achievement for 18,558 tones. 

The estimated target on each hectare was 19 tons. Most of the farmers had completed the transplanting of onion in the meantime and expected be completed by mid-February. 

The farmers of Jhenaidah sadar upazila brought 250 hectares of land, Kaliganj farmers brought 256 hectares, Kotchandpur farmers brought 123 hectares, bordering Moheshpur farmers brought 555 hectares, Harinakundu farmers brought 315 hectares, while, the farmers in Shailkupa upazila brought 8,585 hectares of land under the farming till January 31 last.

Upazila agriculture officer (UAO) in Jhenaidah sadar Nur E Nabi when contacted said the farmers in Padmakar block has been farming the crop like past years. 

They are also sincere with the farming for better yield and prices both, UAO said.