Jhenaidah businessmen refuse to accept Tk 1,2 coins

Published : 07 Feb 2024 10:13 PM

Several lakhs of common people in Jhenaidah Sadar and Shaikupa upazilas been suffering have badly when the businessmen in these two upazilas are not receiving the valid coins. But the bank authorities did not impose any ban on the use of said coins and one Taka paper note. The locals in Jhenaidah Sadar and Shailkupa upazilas said they have been incurring loss when they pay Taka four or nine and similar amount for any transaction. 

The traders allegedly do not return the remaining one or two Taka to the clients saying those coins and paper notes for taka one were not valid in market. Denying of the coins and least amount notes were unofficially declared invalid when the beggars had decided not to receive the least amount figure from the donors and traders. The mobile phone operators are also playing role to make the coins invalid to protect the interest of their retailers.

They said the mobile phone operators allegedly had graved the situation as they had introduced a unique system when introducing recharge for Taka nine, nineteen, Twentynine, thirty-nine and so. The retailers do not pay the remaining Taka one taking the advantages of so-called unavailability of one-or two-taka coins or one Taka note.

Bazlur Rahman, a businessman of Kabirpur in Shailkupa municipality of Jhenaidah expressed his opinion about non-receiving the said coins and noter said the system was introduced when some of the beggars ‘leaders had said they would not receive least amount of money from the donours as alms. They would receive at least taka five from the people that forced the traders to avoid the least amount coins and paper notes. If the bank 

When contacted, Jhenaidah shop owners’ association general secretary Manwarul Islam Mantu said they had discussed the matter in the monthly meeting of the unit and decided to resume the coins in the market as it was. But it might take some time as they will have to generate publicity about the matter among the businessmen in the town and other parts so that they could not ignore it once again, Mantu said. Assistant general manager (AGM) of the Sonali Bank Limited, in Jhenaidah branch Zakir Hossain said, they had been motivating the businessmen to transact one- and two-taka coins as well as one Taka note with them as they preserve huge amount of the valid coins with them. Huge coins and one Taka notes are preserved for smooth transaction of the same in their cash counters, AGM Zakir Hossain said.