JCI hosts webinar for coronavirus awarness

Published : 27 Mar 2020 08:07 PM | Updated : 04 Sep 2020 01:53 PM

The Junior Chamber International (JCI) has arranged webinar bringing local and international experts together to raise awareness of the new coronavirus pandemic.

JCI Dhaka Achievers & JCI Dhaka Young hosted the workshop titled “A Battle to Fightback” recently at the IBA Alumni Club in Dhaka, JCI said on Friday.

The main subject matter of this advocacy workshop was to increase awareness and share with the audience the general combat guidelines. The concepts of isolation, quarantine, and social distancing were also discussed in details.

Assistant Professor at Dhaka Medical College and Hospital Dr. Syed Tariq Reza, Dr. Ahsina Jahan of MH Samorita Hospital and Dr. Rajesh Mishra, Honorary Consultant intensivist of ISCCM, Ahmedabad shared their opinions in this webinar.  About 60 JCI participants and their family members took part in the webinar from different parts of Bangladesh.

M. Umair Karim, Local President JCI Dhaka Achievers, moderated the webinar while Local President JCI Dhaka Young Imtiaz Choudhury and National Secretary General Ismat Jahan gave memento to the the local speakers.