Jaya to debut as film producer in Kolkata

Popular actress of two Bengalis is Jaya Ahsan. Apart from acting, Jaya Ahsan also has a good reputation as a producer. Bangladeshi film 'Devi' produced by her under the banner of ‘C for Cinema’, viewers have seen the success of ‘Devi’. Now she has announced to make a new movie titled 'Furut'.

Kolkata viewers have always been fascinated by her performance. This time she is going to start the journey of producer in Kolkata cinema beyond the borders of the country.

Everything has already been finalized. Shooting starts from next February. And it is being discussed in Tollygunge. Everyone is also welcoming Jaya as a producer.

The name of the first Tollywood film produced by Jaya titled 'OCD' according to Indian media. It would be directed by Saukarya Ghoshal. Who has earlier made the movie 'Bhootpori' with Jaya. Which is still awaiting release.

Jaya herself is appearing in the new film, she avoided the issue of film production and told the media, "I am acting in the film, this is the news for now. This is a new project for me in New Year”, the actress said when asked about the matter.

 Another popular actor of Bangladesh is going to work in this project. But still not decided who it would be. Apart from this, Kaushik Sen, Ansuya Majumder and others will act from Tollywood. 

All these news came from the Indian media. Jaya will play the role of a doctor here. Who has a gray past. And killed a patient when he found out about her life. Then she began to slowly remove the thorns in her path. 

Meanwhile, whether Jaya will be able to produce a film as a foreigner, the Indian media asked the present 'IMPA', the Eastern India Motion Pictures Association. "There should be no problem," they said. However, Jaya Ahsan has to make the film in compliance with all the rules of Kolkata industry. '