Jaya-starrer ‘Beauty Circus’ releasing soon

Published : 27 Aug 2022 08:17 PM

National award winner actress Jaya Ahsan starrer upcoming film titled 'Beauty Circus', directed by Mahmud Didar has been stuck for five years. Earlier this year on May the film got uncut censor certificate from the Censor Board. However, there is still no update of its release date. 

On Friday Aug 26, the makers of the film have finally released a promotional video on the official Facebook page of Channel I and actress Jaya Ahsan, where they addressed the fans, “Beauty Circus Ashbe Kobe"?. Giving a hint that the film release date will be announced soon. 

Jaya Ahsan is playing the lead role as “Beauty” in the film. The story of the film revolves around a woman who makes her living by preforming on the circus. Because of the charisma of her magic show and her beauty three local influential powerful men became obsessed fans of her. They became obsessed and started competing among themselves to get her. Eventually, the whole circus team started to face threats. But, Beauty is not someone to give up that easily.

Regarding the context, director Mahmud Didar said, 'This is a much-awaited film, made with the story of a woman's thrilling struggle around the circus industry, an integral part of Bangladesh's current culture, has come to the liberation march through various ups and downs. We ourselves are waiting for the release of the film. From that idea, we also agreed with the audience “Beauty Circus Ashbe Kobe?.”

The team of 'Beauty Circus' has almost finalised the release date. After two days they will tell everyone that date, he further added.

The shooting of film ‘Beauty Circus’ started in 6 February 2017. After a long preparation and financial crisis, the film 'Beauty Circus', which received government grants, was shot by the filmmaker with the participation of about 2000 villagers with the production partners of 200 people. For this, the producer had to arrange a huge circus pandal and organised a village fair.

Actors Ferdous Ahmed, Tauquir Ahmed and ABM Sumon will be seen opposite Jaya Ahsan in the film apart from them the film also includes actors like Shatabdi Wadud, Mamunur Rashid, Gazi Rakayet, Manisa Archie and others.