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Jaya Ahsan in ‘Nakshi Kanthar Jomin’

Published : 23 Nov 2019 04:59 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 06:49 PM

Jaya Ahsan, a popular actress in Bengal has been busy with cinema work on both sides of the border, Kolkata and Bangladesh. Jaya Ahsan starred in the film ‘Khacha’, based on the novel by Hasan Azizul Haque. The film was directed by Akram Khan. It will be released in Kolkata under the SAFTA agreement. This time Jaya is going to work on a new film under the same director. The name of the film is ‘Nakshi Kanthar Jomin’.

Before, the name of the film was ‘Bidhobar Katha’. Recently, it was changed to ‘Nakshi Kanthar Jomin’.

Akram Khan said, “We have been in talks with Jaya Ahsan about this film. We have not yet signed the deal but we have settled it. I will start the film’s work next April.”

The director said that the shooting will take place in Syedpur and Meherpur.

‘Nakshi Kanthar Jomin’ is being created from the popular novel by Hassan Azizul Haque ‘Bidhobar Katha’. The story of this novel opens with the story of the lives of two widowed sisters those whose lives are hidden behind a blood spilt chapter in the history of Bangladesh.

The awaited films of Jaya Ahsan being released in Kolkata are ‘Robibar’, ‘Voot Pori’ and ‘Ardhangini’.

The actress is working on several films in Bangladesh. These include ‘Beauty Circus’, ‘Peyarar Shubash’ and ‘Olatchakra’.