Java plum sells in large quantity every day in Ishwardi

Published : 11 Jun 2022 09:11 PM

Like litchi, Java Plum (also known as Jaam) are also grown in large quantities in Ishwardi Upazila of Pabna. Ishwardi is also famous for producing this seasonal Java Plum. The wholesale market of Muladuli Union of the upazila is now full of this delicious fruit. Hundreds of buyers and sellers are trading Java Plum every day from morning to afternoon.

According to the office of Ishwardi Upazila Agriculture Extension Department, there are Java Plum trees in different parts of Ishwardi municipal area including Baghhachala, Goalbathan, Faridpur, Chandpur, Dashuria Union of Muladuli of the upazila, Majpara of Atgharia upazila, Khidirpur, Parkhidirpur. After the berries ripen, the owners of the trees in those areas bring the berries to the Muladuli market for sale. Later, the merchants buy and store it and sell it to the wholesalers at once. Apart from this, there are lots of Java Plum trees in the backyards and roadsides of different villages including Palideha, Old Ishwardi, Kachua, Raksa, Duariya of the adjoining upazila Lalpur. These Java Plums are also brought by the sellers for sale at Muladuli market.

A visit to Muladuli's market on Saturday revealed that berries had been placed in plastic baskets. The black Java Plum is shining brightly in the sunlight. Small traders in three-wheelers, motorized vans, motorcycles and bicycles are bringing Java Plum and selling it to wholesalers in the yard of Muladuli Hat. Amjad Hossain of Faridpur village in Muladuli, who came to sell Java Plum in the yard, said that at one time people used to plant blackberries around the house for strong wood. Now not only for wood, many are also making profit by selling berries. Due to this, Java Plum trees have grown in the area. There are four Java Plum trees in the yard of his house. He said that he sold the Java Plum of four trees for 20,000 Tk.

Aminur Rahman Babu Dewan, storekeeper of Muladuli Hat, said that Java Plum worth Tk 20 to 25 lakh are being sold at this market every day. Java Plum are transient fruits. This market is jam-packed for 15 days. Traders from different parts of the country including Dhaka, Khulna, Kushtia, Chattogram, Sylhet, Barisal are coming to buy mulberry at the market of Muladuli as the Java Plum produced by Ishwardi is delicious. Wholesalers are going to buy jam every day by truck. Jam is being sold at Rs 50 to 65 per kg in the wholesale market but at Tk 100 to 150 per kg in the retail market. 

He said that from the end of May, the jam starts coming to the market, and in two-three days, the buying and selling of jam will end in this season. Babu Dewan said that Java Plum worth Tk 3 crore will be bought and sold at the 15-day market.