Jashore’s cabbage being exported to Singapore, Malaysia

Cabbage, one of the winter vegetables, are now being exported from Jashore to Singapore and Malaysia. At least 20,000 kgs of cabbage have already exported to Singapore in the first consignment. 

Another consignment of 21,000 kgs of cabbage will be exported to Singapore and Malaysia withing a short time. 

The first time export of cabbage in abroad for the current season was inaugurated on January 5. The export activities were inaugurated by Shamsul Alam Deputy, Director (Exports) Plant Quarantine Wing Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE), Badal Chandra Biswas, Deputy Director of DAE in Jashore, Raihanul Islam Chowdhury, Program Officer of Solidaridad Network, Agriculture Department officials, farmers and people of various professions were present on the occasion. 

Farmers are now smiling for the export of cabbage in abroad. As the price of cabbage has come down towards the end of the winter season, efforts have been made to buy cabbage directly from farmers' fields and export it to Singapore, Malaysia and other parts of the world, said agriculture officials. 

DAE and Safol project sources said that a Dhaka-based exporter named City Impex bought the cabbage from contracted farmers, processed it and exported it to Singapore by ship. Exporter Ziaul Haque o January 8) bought cabbage directly from farmers and send 21,000 kgs in the second consignment of cabbage to Singapore and Malaysia. 

Exporter Sharifur Rahman said he bought another 20,000 kgs of cabbage on Sunday (January 9) for the foreign market, a farmer and Solidaridad Network official said.

The non-governmental development organization Jagorani Chakra Foundation and Solidaridad Network Asia are working to connect farmers, the Department of Agricultural Extension and exporters with the 'Safol' project on sustainable agriculture development. In the four months from September to December last year a total of 74,314 kgs of safe vegetables were exported from Jashore to various countries in Europe and the Middle East. 

Sources said, a temporary vegetable processing center has been set up at Shahbazpur village in Jashore Sadar upazila. Cabbage is being cut from the village field by local vehicles and brought to the center. Workers clean it, wrap a cabbage in newsprint white paper and pack it in a nylon mesh bag.

Exporter Sharifur Rahman said the cabbage were taken to Chattogram sea port in a covered van from Jashore. Then the Cabbage shipped to Singapore in specialized containers. He further said that earlier we have exported various products including dry food and potatoes. But this is the first time I have taken the initiative to export cabbage. At least two shipments a week can be exported if the quality of the product is good and satisfies the buyers. 

Shamsul Islam a farmer from Shahbazpur village in Sadar upazila said, “I have planted cabbage on 7 bighas of land. On the first day, I sold 3,000 pieces cabbages for export. We are benefiting from good prices for cabbage export. He added that these vegetables are safe. 

DAE Deputy Director Badal Chandra Biswas said a total of 16,400 hectares of land were cultivated under vegetable cultivation. The vegetables produced in this district are now being exported in abroad.