Jashore ready for book festival for new year 2020

Jashore ready for book festival for new year 2020. The festival will be celebrated on January 1, 2020 in eight upazilas of Jashore in a festive mood. For this purpose, 58 lakh 53 thousand 894 copies books have been sent to all the schools and Madrasas in the district. 

District Secondary and Primary Education Offices sources said the total educational Institutions demand for the students of Primary, Secondary, Dakhil, Ibtedai and SSC vocational level in Jashore is 58 lakh 53 thousand, 894 copies of books. Of these, 30 lakh 3 thousand, 97 copies of  books are for  523 high schools each,15 lakh 14 thousand, 442 copies of  books are for  1,289 primary schools, 8 lakh 59 thousand, 700 copies books are for  Dakhil Madrasas ,4 lakh 77 thousand, 706 copies of  books are for  Ibtedai Madrasas and 57 thousand 300 copies of  books are needed for the students of vocational level Institutions in the district.

District primary office sources said, a total of 1,289 primary schools in eight upazilas already get 15 lakh 14 thousand and 442 copies books for the new year 2020. The percentage of books received in the district’s schools is 100 percent. Of these, 1 lakh 9 thousand 918 copies of  books have been delivered in Abhaynagar upazila, 1 lakh 37 thousand 550 copies of books for  Keshabpur  upazila, 1 lakh 16 thousand 916 copies of books for  Chaugacha upazila, 1 lakh 78 thousand 119 copies of  books for hikorgacha upazila, 1 lakh 1 thousand 271 copies of books for Bagherpara upazila, 2 lakh 14 thousand 518 copies  of books for  Monirampur upazila, 1 lakh 90 thousand 503 copies of  books for Sharsha upazila and  4 lakh 6 thousand 200 copies of books have been delivered to  Jashore sadar upazila.Besides,a total of 54,900 copies of  books have been delivered in primary’s first level students  of eight upazilas and 4,467 copies English medium books have been delivered to Abhaynagar and Jashore sadar upazilas of the district.    

District Primary Education Officer Sheikh Ahidul Alam said all the books have been delivered to the 1,289 primary schools. New books will be handed over to all students tomorrow (1st January, Wednesday) at the beginning of the new year 2020.

District Education Officer ASM Abdul Khalek said the book festival will be celebrated in a festive mood. At the district level, the book festival will start at Jashore Zilla School and Government Girls High School at 1st January in the new year.Besides all high schools, Madrashas and vocational institutions in the district will be organize the book festival at their own educational Institute on the same day.