Japanese quality craftsmanship in the heart of Rangpur

Published : 28 Jan 2022 08:54 PM

Those who have a car want to take care of their cars more than themselves. But buying a car is a dream for many. Whether it's new, old or reconditioned, the first choice of buyers is the Japanese car, perhaps from the assurance of a long-lasting run. Even then, if there is a car, it has to be maintained. And if one owns a car in a district far from the capital, then that person has to be concerned about the servicing of the car. Skilled craftsmen for car repairing including denting and painting is hard to be found outside the capital. Car users usually have to go to the capital Dhaka as they cannot not find spare parts.

However, an organization called 'Dulu Motors Workshop' in Rangpur city has taken place as the last resort of car users in the north. Car users of various brands of the world are taking their cars in this workshop to solve the problem of body correction, modification and color. Although it is difficult to get many body parts of old and reconditioned vehicles depending on the transport sector, it is somewhat easy to find them in that car workshop. That is why this company has become a symbol of reconditioning and confidence of the owners of old vehicles. It has become like a piece of Japanese craftsmanship in the heart of Rangpur. Where more than half a hundred unemployed youths have been employed. Dozens of skilled artisans are also being made from here every year.

Shah Alam Dulu, the organizer of the workshop, said that the beginning was not easy for him. As a teenager, he worked in the garage of a local painter. With interest and diligence, he gradually became a skilled craftsman. At the end of the day, as attendance, he was paid only 150 Tk. As time goes on, work experience of Dulu also increased. Mention of his skills spread to Rangpur and surrounding districts. In 2006, he a big chunk of vacant land in the track stand area of the city for Tk 12,000 per month. His path started there by establishing a workshop in his own name. At that time, only two or four small cars could be found in the workshop. Because then the number of private cars was very low. With the growth of this car, the demand for work continues to increase. At the same time, the work of repairing old, reconditioned and wrecked cars of privately owned private and public institutions is accumulating.

From then on, Dulu did not have to look back. Now his company has become the main repair center for motor vehicles. Where there is an opportunity to work in automation and manual method. Keeping the promise, maintaining the quality of work, the skillful hands of the color of the color of Japan to beat the rate. According to the needs of car owners, Dulu works with design, color combination and ancillary work. He also bought some materials from abroad and showed the original shape of the car.

Dulu said car owners had to go to Dhaka if he could not get these jobs. It would have been a waste of time and a lot of money. He thinks that he has got an opportunity to serve the people through this work. The cost of denting and painting a private car is around 25 to 30 thousand Tk. It would cost car owners at least 50 to 60 thousand Tk to do exactly that work in Dhaka or any other area.

At present about half a hundred people including mechanics, foremen and workers are working daily in Dulu Workshop. Those whose monthly salary is from 6 thousand to 15 thousand Tk. Every year at least 10 to 12 skilled artisans are being made from here. Many of them are staying in this workshop, some of them are building workshops elsewhere. Apel Rahman, 28, foreman of the workshop, said he has been working here for a decade. Although he started working as a daily attendant of Tk 250, now his monthly salary stands at Tk 15,000. He further said that by working here, besides increasing his status in the society, he has also become financially prosperous. Many unemployed people like him have settled here. At the end of the day they work and spend the night well. They also get absolute peace by earning the right path.

Entrepreneur Shah Alam Dulu said, work pressure is increasing every day. It takes at least a month and a half to give an old car a new look. Besides, car owners are bringing small work every day. It is not possible to do everything at once. That is why many are going back upset. Mentioning that he had recently bought a piece of land in Khatkhatia area of his home town to provide customer service, he said that there would be repair work for vehicles which would take more time. This work he has chosen as an addiction and profession. He has set up a parts showroom himself so that car users, including his customers, are not deceived. There, various materials including domestic and foreign gas of the car are sold at affordable prices.