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‘Jannatul made mistake for her immaturity’

Published : 18 May 2024 09:43 PM

Jannatul Ferdous was nominated the Women's International Master (IM) Chess competition after winning the zonal Chess championship last year. She won the national women's chess crown at the age of 16. Becoming an IM means joining the female chess players of the country along with Rani Hamid, Shamima Akhtar and Sharmin Sultana.

Jannatul, who needs 2000 ratings to become an IM, earned 1990 but for lack of maturity she did a great mistake and now she is facing huge criticism. She was nominated zonal chess competition to achieve IM title and has to fulfil 2000 ratings. 

Jannatul needed only 10 ratings to meet that requirement in the last two rating tournaments hosted by Manhas Castle. The way she played in those two tournaments raises the question whether she resorted to any 'trickery' to achieve that rating or not. Opponents are fixed by software in tournaments.

However, after all the opponents of the list have been fixed according to the rules in the first round, if someone else joins at the last minute, they have the opportunity to fix their opponents 'manually'.

It is alleged that Jannatul came last in the tournament at Manhas Castle and played against such favored opponents. She also won that game and gave a walkover in the next two rounds. Played in the fourth round.

Shahab Uddin Shamim, general secretary of the Bangladesh Chess Federation (BCF) informed the Bangladesh post on Sunday that Jannatul mistakes were not so vindictive, as it has been described and some social media and publishing.

“Actually, due to immaturity Jannatul did the mistake, she should not do that when she needs only 10 more rakings to make it 2000 to be an IM (Women). She lost her patients and did the wrong. But the way it has been explaining and publishing it’s not at all fair. This kind of bitter criticism a wrong message is going to 

world chess authority that seriously damage the image of our chess.”

Jannatul, who defended her said, “I played the matches in which I thought I would win and my rating would increase. It can happen.”  

The complaint went to the chess global organization FIDE. After reviewing all, the rating she obtained will be approved.