Jamuna erosion takes a turn for worse

Published : 08 Oct 2022 08:56 PM | Updated : 08 Oct 2022 08:56 PM

Residents of Bera upazila are living their lives in fear of erosion. Even though the water level of the Jamuna River has decreased for a few days, the raging of the erosion has not decreased. As the water recedes, river erosion has occurred again in this grassland. 

Local residents of Char-Nagdah village and UP members Zahid Molla, Haji Ismail, Md Farooq, Ah Rahman, Shamim, Fazlal Molla, Tayjal Sheikh, Awal Molla, Omar Ali, Imdadul Molla, Maidan Molla and locals said that in the last 4 days Charnagdah In the village, 3 residential houses along with 15 bighas of arable-crop land have been washed away by the Jamuna River. The people of the affected pastures said that sometimes the erosion of Jamuna's heavy flow and pressure is so severe that huge amounts of land and vegetation are lost in Basatbari River in no time. 

It is to be noted that on September 17, around 50 bigha of arable crop land was destroyed by the fierce flood of Jamuna in Charnagdah village in the space of a few hours. Since that night's incident, the people of Charnagdah village have been spending sleepless nights due to the fear of erosion at night and are unable to sleep properly due to worry, they said. Abdul Hamid Sarkar, chairman of the union, said that the local parliament members and the deputy speaker of the national parliament, advocate Shamsul Haque Tuku UNO, have already been informed about the demolition. They said that as soon as the water recedes, necessary measures will be taken to prevent erosion in this area. 

Locals said that the Jamuna River is still eroding in Charnagdah village till the writing of this report.