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Jamal cleared for Abahani, Australian center-back likely to join in 2nd leg

Published : 15 Mar 2024 09:19 PM

Bangladesh national football team captain Jamal Bhuiyan received release letter from his Argentine Club Sol de Mayo and now he is fully Abahani Limited’s booter. 

After receiving the release letter from his Argentine team Sol de Mayo, now there is no hindrance for Jamal to be a registered player of Abahani Limited in the second leg. 

Abahani Limited manager Kazi Nazrul Islam confirmed the Bangladesh Post that they received the ITC on Thursday and will complete his registration formalities – “We received the ITC of Jamal yesterday (Thursday) and now we will complete his registration,” said Nazrul. 

Abahani wanted the ITC for Jamal by March 3, it takes seven working days to complete the formalities but due to some on-line process, Argentina released the transfer certificate after 11 days. 

Meanwhile, Jamal hit the headlines of several Argentine news portals reported that the Bangladesh captain signed for the Sol de Mayo, following the Bangladesh captain’s courtesy meeting with visiting Argentine foreign minister Santiago Andres Cafiero, last year. 

Bangladesh National Team Captain Jamal Bhuyan, who before signing with Argentine Club Sol de Mayo, previously played in Kolkata-based Mohammedan Sporting Club when the now-defunct Bangladesh Premier League club Saif SC allowed him to play in the I-League.     

Jamal Buiyan, who signed for the Argentine Club Sol de Mayo just one-year back (last week of February, 2023), had the agreement for one and a half year to play for the club and it was supposed to complete the contract on October 2024.

Meanwhile, the mid-window of the inter-club transfer for the Bangladesh Premier League football has been going on. Abahani will also sign up a foreign booter also for the second leg.

Aaron Evans, an Australian center back who played for the Indian Team NortEast last year, came on Thursday and has already joined in the practice yesterday (Friday).

Nazrul confirmed the Bangladesh Post on Friday that the Australian center back Aaron Evans joined the team’s practice on – “Aaron came here yesterday (Thursday) and joined in the practice session today. If we think he would be up to the mark then we will sign him.” 

But in the Bangladesh Premier League football six foreign players allowed to sign up and five of them can play in a match and Abahani have six foreign booters. Now if they want to make registration the Australian with Aaron Evans, they will have release one of their six overseas booter they have in the team.