Italy’s COVID-19 cases top 100,000

The coronavirus pandemic has so far claimed 11,591 lives in locked-down Italy, as the cumulative number of cases reached 101,739, according to new data released on Monday evening by the Civil Protection Department, managing the national emergency response, reports Xinhua.

The death of 812 COVID-19 patients was registered on the daily basis, compared to Sunday's 756 deaths. Coronavirus patients currently in intensive care units were 3,981, while patients hospitalized in normal wards were 27,795.

The number of recoveries also grew by 1,590 against Sunday, up to total 14,620. This marked the highest daily increase since the pandemic broke out in northern Italy on Feb. 21, according to Civil Protection Department chief Angelo Borrelli.

Italy reported the second most cumulative number of cases in the world, just after the United States, and was followed by Spain and China.