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‘It’s easy to deny Pakistan’

Published : 23 Sep 2021 08:21 PM

Australian left-arm batsman Usman Khawaja has expressed disappointment over the decision of the New Zealand and England cricket teams to abandon their tour of Pakistan. He also said it reflects double standards and how “money talks”.

According to the West Australian, Khawaja said that nobody would say no to India if they were in the same situation.

“I feel it’s very easy for players and organisations to say no to Pakistan, because it’s Pakistan, I think the same thing would apply too, if it were Bangladesh. But nobody would say no to India, if they’re in the same situation. Money talks, we all know that, and that’s probably a big part of it,” said Khawaja.

Khawaja also backed Australia’s tour of Pakistan next year, which is set to take place after the Ashes.

“They keep proving time and time again through their tournaments that they’re a safe place to play cricket. I think there’s no reason why we shouldn’t go back,” he said. 

Khawaja also said that he would have happily traveled to Pakistan and has felt “really safe” while playing in the country during recent years.

“There’s a lot of security. Heavy, heavy security, I’ve heard nothing but reports about people feeling safe. Even talking to the guys during the PSL about what it’s like...they would say the same thing to me ‘like 10 years ago, maybe not, but now 100 percent',” he added.