Ishwardi upazila road in dilapidated conditions

Published : 12 Jun 2022 08:43 PM

The important upazila road of Ishwardi town of Pabna remains in dire conditions. Large potholes and ditches have been created on the road, making it impassable for vehicles. The road was renovated three and a half years ago. But local traders, residents and drivers complained that the road was in a dilapidated condition due to the movement of sand-laden ten-wheeled drum trucks. Half of a culvert at the Pierpur junction of the road collapsed due to potholes and ditches.

According to the Ishwardi Upazila Executive Engineer's Office, the upazila road is very important among other roads in the city. This 5 km road from Railgate to Chanmari junction was renovated in 2018. 

It is learned that hundreds of people use this road to travel to the Upazila Adminis­tration Office, Sub-Registrar's Office and recreation center Sanghat. They are suffering every day in this condition of the road. Sometimes they have to read in the accident.

Going to the spot, it can be seen that there are big holes in the road. Vehicles are moving slowly. Ten-wheeler drum trucks loaded with soil and sand weighing more than their carrying capacity are plying on the road. Locals and drivers complained that the road was in poor condition due to excessive traffic. 

According to some residents living on the side of the road, sand-laden trucks ply on the road from dawn to dusk. This miserable condition of the road especially due to the movement of ten wheeler drum trucks. They also said that the houses on the side of the road trembled during the heavy traffic.

Pierpur resident Municipal 3rd Ward Councilor. Jahangir Alam said heavy trucks and ten-wheeled drum trucks ply the road from morning till late at night.  As a result, the road has become weak and turned into numerous potholes and ditches from Piarpur junction to Chanmari junction. Although the upazila road has been in a dilapidated condition for a long time, there is no initiative to repair it. Every vehicle is moving at risk. He said a culvert at the Pierpur junction of the road was about to collapse. If the culvert is not repaired immediately, it can collapse at any moment and all kinds of traffic on this road may be stopped. He immediately expressed the view that the road, including the culvert, needed to be repaired.

Upazila Nirbahi Engineer Enamul Kabir said the road was constructed to accommodate 18 tons of vehicles. However, heavy drum trucks of 10 and 8 wheels carry 30 to 35 tons of sand and soil on this road. Due to this the road has been in this condition day by day. 

He said it is also one of the important roads in the city. Efforts are underway to repair the road. Regarding the culvert, he said it would be repaired soon after talking to senior officials so that traffic would not be disrupted. 

Ishwardi's UNO PM Imrul Kayes said the road would be repaired after talking to concerned officials.