Ishwardi roads in dire condition, passengers suffer

Published : 01 Dec 2022 07:53 PM

The Tipu Sultan road of Pabna's Ishwardi town are in poor condition as numerus potholes have made this road unusable for transportation and commuting. Traffic is moving slowly, even if it takes more time, many people are using other roads because of their frustration. People in extreme suffering. This situation has been going on for more than two years. Reforms were mentioned from the concerned department but were not done.

According to the office of Ishwardi Upazila Executive Engineer, this 5 km road from Railgate to Civilhot was renovated in 2018. The movement of vehicles heavier than the carrying capacity causes potholes to appear at various places on the road before a certain time. Now the condition of the road is not good.

It is known that hundreds of people use this road every day to travel to the upazila administration, sub-registrar's office and entertainment center Saraghat. They are suffering every day because of the bad condition of the road. Sometimes they also have to meet with accidents. Allegedly, the current condition of the road is due to traffic of more weight than carrying capacity. Now there are potholes across five kilometers of the road.

It can be seen on the surface, there are big holes in the road. Even under these conditions, ten wheeled drum trucks loaded with soil and sand heavier than the carrying capacity are moving on the road. Residents complain that the condition of the road is due to the traffic of overweight vehicles. Some residents living on the side of the road said that trucks loaded with sand from Sara Ghat ply this road from early morning till late at night. This pathetic condition of the road is especially due to the plying of ten wheeler drum trucks. They also said that houses on the side of the road shake during heavy traffic.

The resident of Pierpur is the councilor of the 3rd ward of the municipality. Jahangir Alam said, heavy trucks full of soil and sand, ten-wheel drum trucks move through this road from morning to late night. Due to this, the road has become weak and has become a ditch from railway gate to Chanmari junction. Although the upazila road has been in a bad condition for a long time, there is no initiative to repair it. Vehicles are moving at risk.

Upazila Executive Engineer Enamul Kabir said, this is one of the important roads of the city. This upazila road is suitable for vehicles weighing 17 tons. 

But heavy drum trucks of 10 and 6 wheels carrying 30 to 35 tons of sand and soil move on this road. This is why the condition of the road is like this day by day. The process of renovating the road is ongoing.

On the other hand, the condition of Tipu Sultan road under the jurisdiction of Ishwardi municipality is also bad. There are also big potholes on this road from Ishwardi to Ruppur Project, EPZ, Railway Pakshi Divisional Office. Road condition is deplorable for two kilometers from Railgate to Taltala. Due to the creation of numerous small and large potholes, the passengers of the vehicles plying on the road are suffering. This suffering has been going on for two long years.

Two-three auto rickshaw drivers on this road said that due to this condition of the road, the vehicles often have to get into accidents. Some were injured and were treated at the hospital. Almost every day there are vehicle faults. It costs extra money. This situation has been going on for a long time. They said, hundreds of officials and workers of Rooppur project, EPZ, railway travel through this road. Some workers of EPZ expressed their anger and said that they have to travel to the workplace through this bad road out of fear.

When contacted, Ishaq Ali Malitha, Mayor of Ishwardi Municipality, said that we are working on the renovation of the road. The project has been presented to the concerned department. Once approval is received, work will be started.