Ishwardi Govt Pry School suffers for lack of teachers

Published : 26 Jul 2022 07:27 PM

There is a long-standing shortage of teachers in government primary schools in Pabna's Ishwardi. The teaching activities are being disrupted due to the non-filling of the vacant posts of head teachers and assistant teachers. As the students are suffering, the teachers are struggling to cope with the added pressure. In some schools 3 to 4 teachers are teaching. In this students are not getting proper learning environment. The teachers informed the upazila education office but the problem is not being solved.

It has been found that this crisis has arisen due to gradual retirement of teachers and non-recruitment in the last few years. Some more teachers will retire at the end of this year. It is said that the crisis will increase further after talking to some teachers. Since the posts of teachers are vacant in schools for a long time, the administrative activities of those institutions are also being disrupted. Due to shortage of teachers, students are lagging behind in terms of quality results.

According to Upazila Primary Education Office, there are 100 government primary schools in Ishwardi. The total number of students is more than 28 thousand. There are 687 teachers out of 746 posts. Among them, the number of head teachers is 100 and assistant teachers are 646. At present the number of vacancies is 59. Among them 32 head teachers and 27 assistant teachers.

Three-four primary school teachers said that due to the lack of necessary teachers, teachers are taking turns teaching in many schools. There are more students but fewer teachers. In this situation, they have to be taught in difficulty. They said that due to the vacant position of the head teacher, the school's administrative work, school management and other work are being disrupted. Similarly, due to the shortage of assistant teachers, there is increased pressure on teachers to teach in schools. As a result, the quality of primary education is disrupted and assessment work is in crisis.

Md. Shariful Islam has been serving as the Acting Head Teacher in Chargargari Government Primary School of Upazila since 2016. He said that he is not being promoted due to legal complications. There are 4 teachers for a total of 432 students in this school. This school needs 10 teachers including the head teacher. Six posts are void. He said that although there is a rule that one teacher should teach 40 students, in this school one teacher has to teach 108 students. As a result, the teacher has to suffer. Teaching assessment is being disrupted.

Ruppur Girls Government Primary School has been serving as acting head teacher for about a year. Rezaul Karim. The number of students in this school is 169. 5 people are serving against seven posts including head teacher. Rezaul Karim said that due to the shortage of teachers, classes are being taught in two shifts. Still having to eat hard. Administrative work cannot be done on time.

Mousumi Khatun, who is in charge of the acting headmaster of Kadimpara Government Primary School, said that the school has three out of five posts of teachers. There are 56 students. He himself is teaching the students from the administrative work of the school. He said that the upazila primary education office has been informed to fill the vacancy.

A teacher, on the condition of anonymity, said that since the promotion from assistant teacher to head teacher has been stopped for five-six years and no new head teachers have been appointed, the shortage of teachers is gradually increasing. Although the quality of primary education in Ishwardi is good, the quality of education is being disrupted due to shortage of teachers.

If contacted upazila education officer. Asaduzzaman said that the issue of teacher shortage in Ishwardi has been informed to the higher authorities. The list of vacancies of head teachers and assistant teachers of the school has been sent to the district primary education office. Efforts are being made to fill schools that have no head teachers or other teacher shortages. Hopefully soon we will get a teacher vacancy.