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Discussion And Criticism After Teaser release

Is ‘Poran’ based on Rifat, Minni and Noyon Bond’s story?

Published : 03 Feb 2020 06:51 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 12:13 AM

The first teaser of the movie ‘Poran’ has been released. The teaser was released on the Live Technology YouTube channel on Monday morning. Since its release, the teaser has led to discussion and criticism on social media. The main actors Vidya Sinha Mim, Shariful Raj and Yash Rohan are receiving many compliments for the film which is based on a true story. 

Fans of glamorous Lux star Mim are particularly taken by her different look as a small town girl in the film. Shariful Raj’s getup has also garnered attention.  However, many people who watched the teaser of the film are bringing up the killing of Rifat in Barguna. They claim that the movie 'Poran' is based on the gruesome event. From the teaser of the film, it appears to be feature a love-triangle.

The character of murder victim Rifat is being played by Yash Rohan. Shariful Raj will play the character of the killer Noyon Bond. Mim will appear in the character of the wife and girlfriend. The teaser of Poran reveals that Shamul Raj and Yash Rohan are both in love with Mim’s character. Here Raj is seen as a violent criminal. 

And Rohan appears as a polite and decent guy. Supposedly, conflicts arise between the two lovers for Mim. The teaser also shows Mim trying to hold back Raj who seems very angry. Finally, the police arrest Raj. The story is remarkably similar to Rifat’s killing.

Many have commented on the Live Technology’s YouTube channel. One of them, Shah Alam, wrote, ‘This is the story of Rifat and Minni.’ Irfanul Haque wrote another, ‘I am sure this is Minnie's story.’ Walid Hossain wrote, ‘I think the story is based on the Barguna killing. Here Rohan is Rifat, Mim is Minnie and Raj is Noyon Bond. That's what I think but I could be wrong.'

When contacted, director Raihan Rafi told reporters, ‘I have been inspired by a true story. But this is not Rifat and Minni’s case. The story of a girl who loves two boys is very common in the movie industry. I will request everyone to see the film without making any decision now.’ The director said the shooting for the movie Poran is complete. 

The shooting took place in Mymensingh for 31 days straight. He announced long ago that the film will be released on the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Shahjahan Sourav and Raihan Rafi wrote the screenplay of the film. Naved Parvez and Eamon Chowdhury were the music directors.