Is George Clooney returning as Batman in DC Universe?

Published : 14 Feb 2023 10:12 PM

Is George Clooney returning as Batman in the DC Universe? James Gunn responds to these rumors

James Gunn, the co-CEO of DC Studios, responded to speculations that George Clooney might be returning as Batman in the DC Universe.

 George Clooney, who played the iconic role in Batman & Robin in 1997 was rumored to have both appeared in The Flash film along with continuing to be part of DCU. This came to light following The Flash movie bringing back two early Batman actors. That is why rumors started making rounds that another actor was also all set to appear in the movie, but James Gunn was quick to shut it down.

 Fans started inquiring whether it was true that George Clooney will soon be joining the DC Universe. However, James Gunn was quick to debunk these rumors and clear up the speculation. Gunn stated that there is no truth to Clooney coming back in The Flash. He also said that a new actor will be cast for DCU.

Though casting has not started for Batman, James Gunn has stated that the new version of Bruce will be about 30 years old. In this sense, bringing back Clooney as Batman would not have made much sense as the actor would not fit the age range that DC Studios is targeting, and Batman & Robin was critical and commercially bombed.