Irregularities in union land offices

Published : 01 Nov 2019 08:58 PM | Updated : 26 Aug 2020 10:42 AM

None is able to get their land service including mutation and paying revenue  smoothly in all forty three union unit land offices in the district. Ignoring citizen charter of land sector and avoiding all rule regulations the staff of the union land officer and the staff of assistant commissioner (land) taking bribe to provide mutation service to the landowners.

Deputy Commissioner of Narayanganj Md. Jasimuddin immediately visited a union land office of Bandar upazila and declared that if found any corruption then the action to be taken strongly.

In a query, Deputy Commissioner told the Bangladesh Post that he had heard some union land officers multi-storied house owner at Jamtola in the town, the elite and costly land area. No union land offices have any excess staff in the name of Omedar avoiding the organogram. 

Union land offices became the harassment unites of the people to get service duly here. Land owners are quite helpless to the staff of the land office and their unabated corruption in every sector of the service. If some disagree to pay bribe, the desire service being rejected with the lame excuses.

Among the forty-three union land offices, there has no single office where people get service without paying bribe. All chief of the union land officer known as Tahshildar (deputy assistant land officer) even peon of the office demand bribe to land owner when they went to the office for any legal service.

As per law a landowners  applied  to the assistant commissioner (land) for his land mutation and then it is sent to union land office for make a proposal sheet and submit to AC (land). But the entire union land officer took application from the mutation seekers and took money as bribe as contact to conduct the work. A union land officer of Kashipur union named Md. Mohshin Mia was arrested by RAB and Anti Corruption Commission officers from his office during taking bribe in 2007.

A sufferer named Sufia Begum told that she has purchased 15 decimal land from the proper owner in Kashipur mouja plot no 605 on March 17, 1980 and she muted in her name as per SA record. Later, she again muted in her name as per RS record and she has been occupying land more than 30 years. Some people muted in their name of her land.

But the land officer of Kashipur union land office taking bribe muted in other three persons all 30 decimal land. As per mutation khatian now total land stand upto 45 decimal but in original land is 30 decimal according SA and RS record of the plot. Peon of Godnail union land office Shamim is now owner of a three-storied building at Kayumpur area, just nearer the deputy commissioner office. He has been possessed now a few plot of valuable land.

Former land officer of Kutubpur union land office Mahbub Hossain bought a valuable land plot at Jamtola area in the town and lived in the same area in flat monthly rent 15 thousand taka.

Sultan Ahmed, former land officer Narayanganj sadar union is owner of five-storied building in the highest land prices area named Masdair in the town. He immediately arrested by Anti Corruption Commission officials for illegal wealth worth.

A notice is hanging in front of land office that the mutation cost is 1170 in per case but none avail the service with this amount. On average the land officer of union level took 5 thousand taka from each mutation case, it is a sufferer study.

Zahidul Haque Khokon , a sufferer said that he has to pay 12 thousand taka to union land officer of Kashipur in against two mutation case.   A mutation seeker’s relative Abdus Samad alleged that his relative applied for mutation bearing case no-9341 of Sadar upajila but after that seven month elapsed without any disposal.

Earlier, a surveyor of Rupganj upajila assistant commissioner (land) office Abdul Halim was arrested by ACC officials for taking bribe.