Irregularities in private schools and colleges

Free educational institutions from unholy nexus

Published : 15 Jun 2022 07:32 PM

The managing committees or governing bodies of non-government schools and colleges have considerable powers and responsibilities with regard to improve the quality of education and maintain academic atmosphere at educational institutions. Their main goal is to eradicate illiteracy from their respective areas and impart quality education by taking dynamic steps.

But most of chairmen and members of the bodies or committees in association with principals or headmasters continued misappropriating crores of money and amassing great deal of money and assets in unauthorised ways across the country. Three teachers including Principal Jasim Uddin of Dhanmondi Ideal College have been removed for their alleged involvement in various irregularities and controversial activities.`

There is an urgent need for taking time- befitting and 

appropriate measures to free the educational institutions 

from governing bodies immediately

Besides, Md. Gholam Wadud, the former Principal of Mirpur College, indulged in all sorts of corruptions. Apart from them, Hasina Begum, former Principal of Viqarunnisa Noon School and College had been served show-caused notice on charge of admitting additional students.

But ex Principals Jasim Uddin of Ideal College and Md. Gholam Wadud of Mirpur College categorically said they did everything according to the directives of the governing bodies while Hasina Begum said additional students were admitted without her signature on the forms and this was done as per the instruction of governing body members and the president directly.

The unethical and immoral activities by the governing bodies and chiefs and corrupt teachers of educational institutions are affecting the academic activities of the educational institutions. Therefore, the teachers those who want to make the country’s education as the thrust sector are failing to perform their professional duties due to interference by the unholy nexus of the governing bodies and chiefs and corrupt teachers as well.

If any dedicated, qualified and honest teacher protests such irregularities and mismanagement, he or she is humiliated or even tortured physically. Therefore, they always feel helpless and insecure at respective workplace.

It is disconcerting to note that the unholy nexus is preparing fake bills to disbursing money without vouchers, spending unacceptable amounts of money in the name of rally and education tours, collecting different fees from students without providing receipt in order to loot money from the guardians under the very nose of the authorities concerned. Later, they distribute the money among themselves instead of welfare of the students and institutions. So, there is an urgent need for taking time- befitting and appropriate measures to free the educational institutions from the governing bodies immediately.