Irregularities in excavation of Satkhira Betna river alleged

Published : 18 May 2022 08:44 PM

In Satkhira, locals have been complaining of irregularities at the start of the excavation of 23 and a half kilometers of Betna and Shalikha canals. The cost of excavation work has been estimated at Tk 47 crore. However, the concerned monitoring organization POOR-2 Satkhira says that the work is being done according to the rules.

Meanwhile, there is a rush to sell the land for digging the river. With the connivance of the Executive Engineer of Water Development Board Division-2 Satkhira, some local soil eaters are selling Dedarche soil. The executive engineer says they don't have manpower.

On the other hand, due to lack of supervision and irregularities in the sale of land, the government is being deprived of millions of taka in revenue and the locals are of the opinion that the land on both sides of the river may be in crisis. According to sources, a strong soil sales syndicate has been formed around the excavation of Betna river. Hundreds of riot vehicles, dumper trucks and trolleys, known as monster transport, are plying across the payroll. The cycle has rented all the same vehicles from outside the district. During the day and night, more than a hundred of these vehicles were carrying dirt and the locals were overwhelmed. A search of information has revealed that a syndicate of 10/12 people led by Executive Engineer Power-2 is selling 8 to 10 lakh feet of land every day. The estimated value is 4 to 5 lakh taka. Thus, they have been committing misdeeds for about two months. Not only this, there is widespread irregularity in the excavation of Shalikha canal connecting Betna and Betna rivers. Pictures of the anime will be presented in stages.

On the other hand, Shahinur Rahman, head office assistant of Power-2 Satkhira, has confirmed the deposit of one lakh ten thousand taka in the government treasury. He further said that some new applications have been submitted for land acquisition. But the money was not deposited.

Meanwhile, the sound of the car has become very painful for the locals. The people of the civil society, despite repeatedly telling the concerned officials, are continuing their heinous misdeeds without raising a single eyebrow. Addicted to black money, these officials have forgotten the sense of state duty imposed on them. They don't even have time to see who is carrying how many feet of soil.

On the other hand, the soil on both sides of Betna is carrying so much that it is known that the soil of the dam will be in crisis.

Acknowledging the truth of the incident, the branch officer in charge Ziaur Rahman said that about 1.5 million cubic feet of soil has been excavated and some more soil will be excavated. Of this, about 4 lakh soils were taken away in the dark of night but about 11 lakh soils were there. The value of which is about 5 lakh 50 thousand rupees. Ariful and Babu, residents of Binerpota area, said that no government official is on the payroll. Only the truck enters and exits through the raft. We are desperate to carry this soil. Shahinur Rahman, chief assistant of Satkhira Water Development Board, said that 1 lakh 10 or 11 thousand rupees has been deposited in the government treasury so far.

Satkhira Water Development Board (Division-2) Executive Engineer Shamim Hasnain Mahmud said, "It is not possible to know where the soil is being taken due to lack of manpower." He declined to comment in response to a question about the amount of money in the government coffers from the sale of land. Despite having 6 DEOs, he hired two people from outside to work in the office and guest house with a monthly salary of Tk 10,000.