Irregularities in Covid-19 test increase risk in Darshana

Published : 15 Jan 2022 08:48 PM

There have been allegations of negligence in the health check-up of passengers arriving from India at the Darshana check post in Chuadanga. Passengers returning to India without a sample test are being allowed to enter the country in exchange for money by showing a negative certificate of Covid-19 test. The health workers working at the check post are not giving the receipt even if they take money in return.

On Thursday afternoon, a woman returned from India through Darshana check post. But at the health screening booth, she was given a Covid-19 negative certificate for 100 Tk without a health check. Criticism started when the matter came to light on Friday. Conscious citizens have raised questions about the reluctance of health workers to work at the check post. Locals are alarmed by the rapid spread of the new variant of Covid-19 Omicron due to the indifference of health workers in the corona test.

Passengers are required to test the corona rapid antigen as soon as they enter the checkpoint. According to the locals, passengers are giving hundred tk each for the test. However, receipts are not given with money from many. There are also allegations of taking more money. Sample tests are not done with money again.

Rekha Rani Saha, a Bangladeshi national from Kushtia, returned home from India on Thursday afternoon through Darshana check post. As soon as she crossed the border and entered the check post, she was supposed to undergo a health check-up at the health screening booth of the health department. But it was not done. Without the test, she was given a negative certificate of corona test. Only 100 Tk has been taken in exchange.

Rekha Rani Saha said, "Health workers did not examine any of my samples after entering Darshana check post through Gede check post in India." They took 100 Tk from me and gave a negative certificate without testing the sample. They did not give me any receipt for the money.”

According to the registrar of the health department, Rekha Rani Saha's name is not in the list. So how did she get the negative certificate of Corona, the question was with those in charge.

However, district health officials are reluctant to acknowledge these irregularities. They say that when one leave the country or enter the country, the person must have a negative certificate. The rules of the test are being obeyed even after entering the country.

Medical officer (sanitary inspector) of Damurhuda Upazila Health Complex Jamat Ali, who is in charge of the health screening booth at Darshana check post, said Rekha Rani had left without a sample due to over crowding. Again many receipts are not given due to crowd. One or the other can be avoided. Mainly cancer, skin, heart patients and those under the age of 12 who come to immigration have to report negative for the convenience of immigration.

Damurhuda Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer. Abu Hena Mohammad Jamal said the incident was sensitive. A committee will be formed to investigate the matter. Strict action will be taken against the accused if the investigation finds the truth of the incident.

In this regard, the officer-in-charge of Darshana checkpost, Sub-Inspector Abdul Alim, said that corona virus was found in the bodies of 24 people who returned to India on the first day of this month. Of these, corona has been identified in the bodies of 11 Bangladeshi and 13 Indian nationals. Though Bangladeshi nationals affected by Corona were allowed to enter the country, Indian nationals were not allowed to enter. They had to return to India.

He further said that corona test is mandatory for every passenger traveling to and from India. If any Indian passenger is positive, they are sent back to their country. If any passenger of the country is positive, they are sent to Corona Isolation Ward of Chuadanga Sadar Hospital.

Citizen for Good Governance Professor Siddiqur Rahman said that the issue of giving corona negative certificate without taking sample is sensitive and sad. If this continues, the new variant of Corona Omicron will spread rapidly. The matter should be investigated and action should be taken against the accused.