IPDC Ogroj recollects BD’s accession to UN with Muhith

IPDC Finance Limited, a private sector non-banking financial institution of Bangladesh conducted the fourth episode of 'OGROJ.' The episode, which was aired live on IPDC's official Facebook page, presented the narratives of a protagonist who has played an instrumental role in developing Bangladesh's economy. 

Host Anis A. Khan steered an in-depth conversation with the veteran politician, eminent economist, researcher, diplomat, and a gifted writer, AbulMaal Abdul Muhith. 

During his tenure as the Finance Minister for two consecutive terms,  Muhith's outstanding contributions were not only confined to the expansion of the country's economy, but also left a revered footprint in the social and cultural spheres of Bangladesh. He has been recognized by World Bank, IMF, IDB, ADB and different organizations of the United Nations. He is a pioneer of Bangladesh Environment Movement and was also the founder President of BAPA, established in 2000.

Active in politics, he joined the great language movement in his youth. After serving in the Pakistan Civil Service (CSP) for an extended period, he was appointed as a Pakistani diplomat at the Washington Embassy in 1969. He left Pakistan during the War of Liberation.

Speaking about the show, Mominul Islam, Managing Director and CEO, IPDC Finance Limited, said, "September 17 marks the 46th anniversary of Bangladesh's accession to the United Nations. After obtaining independence in 1971, gaining UN membership in 1974 was a crucial step forward for our country. We are honored to have Mr. Muhith, whose role in shaping public opinion in favor of the liberation war in the United States is commendable."