Involvement of police in criminal activities

Empower police headquarters to hold the wrongdoers to account

Published : 17 Aug 2021 08:41 PM | Updated : 18 Aug 2021 12:26 AM

Alleged corruption, immoral activities and various crimes conducted by a section of cops are tarnishing the image of the police department. Some derailed cops of police department allegedly involved in killing, raping, abduction extortion, mugging, peddling drugs and developing illicit affairs are also making role of the law enforcers controversial.

Several allegations against some cops have already been submitted before the police headquarters. But the police headquarters can only take action against from officer-in-charge to constable. Only the ministry concerned has the authority to take action against the high ups of police department. 

As a result, many high ups of police department indulged in corruption or crimes remain untouched. Therefore, we think the police headquarters should be adequately empowered and strengthened so that high ups can be held to account.  Illegal activities of some police officials have been embarrassing the police department in many ways.

No one is above the law and policemen 

who have been involved in various crimes 

must not go unpunished 

No one is above the law and policemen who have been involved in various crimes must not go unpunished. The cops should concentrate on attaining the highest professional skills and excellence keeping pace with the changed world security system. We believe Bangladesh Police, in continuity with the past, will remain ever ready to tackle any chaotic situation alongside protecting the country’s people’s lives and 


The country’s law and order situation is normal and people are getting justice and it has been possible to contain terrorism and militancy due to the strong vigilance of the law enforcement agencies. 

Therefore, the police should remain firmly committed to upholding the basic human rights, establishing the rule of law, protecting the public life and property and resisting all sorts of anarchy, including militancy and terrorism.

When the police have been working tirelessly in curbing crimes, militancy and terrorism along with stopping the abuse of drugs, some members’ immoral activities cannot be accepted and tolerated. Police personnel must stay beside the people to gain their confidence, trust and love. We believe police will refrain themselves from any sort of wrongdoings in order to gain confidence, trust and love of the people.