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Introduction of outcome-based edn stressed

Published : 07 Mar 2022 11:22 PM | Updated : 08 Mar 2022 12:43 PM

Speakers at a programme underscored the need for introducing Out­come based education implementation process in Bangladesh, said a press release.  

The Outcome based education implementation process jointly organized by Dhaka School of Economics' Entrepreneurial Economists Club and The Averroes International School’s has been undertaken by the Govt of Bangladesh on March 6 (Sunday). 

Experts said that Outcome based education implementation help to achieve clarity, flexibility, comparison and involvement. Definition, assessment problems, generality, involvement which in turns prepares in the globalized world. However, they said that academic environment need to be boosted up by the academicians but not by internal stake holders like 3rd and 4th class employees and section officers for which students suffered as  commented by the speakers. 

Dr Mani Tyagi,  Associate Professor at KIET Ghaziabad, Delhi, India was the key note speaker. He said that focusing and organizing a school's entire programs and instructional efforts around the clearly defined outcomes, we want all students to demonstrate when they leave school.

Introductory remarks were made by Principal  Mohammad Anisur Rahaman Shohagh. The Averroes International School   argued that  students can understand what they expect,  and teachers can understand what they need to demonstrate throughout the course by Outcome based education.

Prof  Dr Muhammad Mahboob Ali, Economist, Academician, Entrepreneurial and IT expert  appreciated the move towards Outcome based education  for which Bloom's taxonomy is vital as it  is a classification system used to define and distinguish different levels of human cognition—i.e., thinking, learning, and understanding for which Govt of Bangladesh is trying hard.

Dr Kripa Shanker Gupta (An Empowerment Guru and Expert Energy Intensifier) Gupta, Director-Karnataka, The Federation of Education Leaders and Administrators, Corporate Trainer, Faculty Developer, Mind Reprogrammer, Adviser  was the special guest.

Designated discussant was Mrs Sara Tasneem, Assistant Professor of Dhaka School of Economics. Prof Dr Enamul Haque, Honorary Head of Chemistry, The Averroes International School also spoke in the programme.

Among others, Daila Nowrin, Vice Principal of The Averroes International School and Rehana Parvin, Assistant Professor of Dhaka School of Economics  and Mohammad Aman Ullah Aman, Adjunct faculty of Dhaka School of Economics  also spoke in the programme.

Chief guest of the programme was  Prof Bholanath Dutta, IAF Veteran, Founder  President, MTC Global, who praised the decision of govt of Bangladesh and requested to remove internal conflict in any sort of educational institute as it disrupts delivery of services.

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