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Internship opportunities in gov’t offices

Published : 26 Feb 2024 09:12 PM

The Ministry of Public Administration has announced an exciting opportunity for higher education students to gain invaluable workplace experience through internships in government institutions. Under the recently published Internship Policy Gazette of 2023, students with Bachelor's, Master's, or equivalent degrees are encouraged to apply for a three-month internship program.

Details of the Internship Program:

Duration: The internship program will span over three months.

Monthly Allowance: Interns will receive a monthly allowance of Tk 10,000. Eligibility: Candidates must apply within two years of obtaining their degree and can participate in the internship program only once.

Subject of Internship: The internship program is open to students with degrees in various disciplines including Political Science, Public Administration, Economics, Business Administration, International Relations, Social Work, Sociology, and others. Digital records management is also included in the course curriculum.

Application Deadline: Interested candidates should apply to participate in the internship program by March 15.

How to Apply:

Candidates can submit their applications online at

Conditions and Requirements:

Interns will be required to sign a Declaration and Agreement upon selection.

Each intern will be assigned a supervisor to guide him or her throughout the program.

Successful completion of the internship will be acknowledged with a certificate, although this does not guarantee employment. Candidates currently employed in an organization must submit a no-objection letter from their employer. This internship program presents a unique opportunity for students to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical experience while contributing to government initiatives. The diverse range of disciplines eligible for the internship program ensures inclusivity and allows students from various educational backgrounds to participate. Moreover, the inclusion of digital records management reflects the government's acknowledgment of the importance of modern skills in today's workforce.

However, it's essential to note that while successful completion of the internship will be acknowledged with a certificate, it does not guarantee employment. Nonetheless, this experience undoubtedly provides valuable exposure to the workings of government institutions and can serve as a stepping stone for future career opportunities.

Overall, this initiative represents a positive step towards fostering talent, enhancing employability, and promoting engagement with government initiatives among the youth.