Internet users soar by 11 lakh in March

The number of country’s internet users increased by 11 lakh in a single month to reach 9.31 crore in March which is all-time highest, according to the latest statistics of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC), reports BSS. Mobile phone-based connection has contributed the highest with 8.73 crore users to the tally followed by WiMAX 61,000 users while ISP and PSTN have 57.31 lakh users, showed the statistics.

Industry insiders said the trend of internet penetration fell drastically in November and December last year, but the first month, January, of this year took a u-turn and continued upward growth.
They attributed the mobile number portability (MNP) initially which was launched in October last year for that down trend, as mobile phone users who have been holding multiple SIMs reached a decision of fixing the number of connection.

 Moreover, the telecom regulator had imposed restrictions on mobile phone operators regarding the number and duration of internet packages which also contributed partially to the decline in internet users. The internet users declined to 9.18 crore and 9.13 crore respectively in last November and December.