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Interfering in politics is not police’s task: DMP chief

Published : 31 Oct 2022 10:25 PM | Updated : 01 Nov 2022 06:06 PM

The Newly appointed Commissioner of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Khandker Golam Faruq on Monday said that interfering in politics is not police’s task.

“Political parties will do politics. Police do not have any role in politics. We do not have any headache about it,” he said in his maiden press briefing at the DMP Media Centre.

Golam Faruq said that following the political culture, political parties will hold processions and rallies,” he said adding, “Even the DMP does not make barrier and will not put obstacles against their political activities.”

“But if the political parties get involved in criminal activities then police will deal it with iron hands,” he warned.

The commissioner said, “Our work is dealing with law and order and crimes. All political parties, except for the banned ones, will hold political rallies and processions.”

Replying to a question, he said that political parties will do politics and political programmes like meetings and rallies are their political rights.

“We have no role there. Our job is to maintain law and order. But if someone vandalises cars, sets fire, cuts trees and blocks roads in the name of politics, then it will be a criminal offence,” Faruq said.

He said, “If they (political parties) do not commit criminal offence, we will cooperate them. But in case of criminal offence, we will strictly suppress it, control it and take stern legal actions against them.”

The DMP chief said Officers-in-Charge (OCs) of all police stations have been instructed to give a speech every Friday before Jumma prayers in the mosques, so that people refrain from committing crimes.

“I will try my level best to ensure safety and security of lives and properties of the city dwellers under the jurisdiction of DMP by using my 32 years of experiences. Besides, I will use the past experiences to solve the traffic jam in the capital,” he said.

Faruq said that there has been a difference between today’s police service at police station and the service of 10 years ago.

“The service quality of the police station has changed and improved a lot. It is an ongoing process. The quality of service will soon improve and towards people as we are taking measures,” he added.

The newly appointed commissioner said that four numbers were given to all concerned police station areas.

Replying to another question about no answer in phone call, he said they (Police officers) are bound to pick up the phone calls, adding, “in case of busy schedule if someone could not pick up the call, but if anyone does not picks up it intentionally then action will be taken against them.”

He, further, said there are 999 and you can call there. “There are millions of calls every day were received. If you don't get at the police station, call 999. There are alternatives,” Faruq said.

Additional commissioners and other officers were present at the briefing.

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