Intense heat scorches Rangpur

Published : 13 Jul 2022 08:55 PM

Rangpur is burning in intense heat. Public life has become miserable in the scorching sun and heat. The people are frustrated due to the fragile state of electricity. Due to this, the price of hand fan has also increased in the city. The maximum temperature in Rangpur was 36.2 degrees Celsius on Wednesday. This was the highest temperature recorded of the season. For the last few days in the scorching heat, working people have been struggling to work in the fields. This hostile behavior of the weather has started a disease in every house. According to the Rangpur Meteorological Office, the temperature in Rangpur has been fluctuating between 35 and 36 degrees Celsius for the last few days. Due to this there has been intensive heat flowing through Rangpur.

You can see different areas of Rangpur, the sun is shining all around. Tired rickshaw pullers were seen resting under a tree in Rangpur city yesterday afternoon. Rickshaw puller Sirajul Islam said with difficulty, "After Eid, there was no income. Even though he got out of the rickshaw due to Pat's fault, he lost his temper in the heat. What a rickshaw to ride in so much rain! 'The busiest city of Rangpur was empty at noon yesterday due to the extreme heat. Doctors say that in such weather, there is a high risk of heatstroke, skin diseases, respiratory problems and diarrhea.

The traders have set up palm fronds, palm fronds, handlooms made of bamboo, cloth and yarn on the sidewalks of Rangpur city around the heat including load shedding of electricity. Hand fan for 10 rupees is being sold for 20 to 25 rupees. At present the people of the city are the buyers. Sraboni Akhter of Radhaballav area, who came to buy a fan on the sidewalk in Kancharibazar area of the city, said, "It has been very hot for some days, most of the time there is no electricity. What is the way without a fan? 'Due to the sudden rise in temperature for a few days, people have fallen into extreme disorder. Especially at the present time, the agricultural workers are busy in preparing the land including the production of transplanted aman paddy seedlings in the scorching heat. Due to the hot sun and heat, the field was very deserted yesterday. Ordinary people, including laborers, are seen resting on bamboo bushes or tree-lined scaffolding to save their lives by skipping work. In Uttam Baniapara area of the city, some workers were planting saplings to make aman paddy. After a while, they came back from work and rested under the trees to save their lives. Sixty-year-old Liaquat Ali said, "This raidot (sun) cannot be frozen."

Dr. Motabber Hossain, Deputy Director, Rangpur Medical College Hospital, said, "The current weather conditions are not conducive to human health at all. The number of patients in the hospital is also increasing due to this. In extreme heat, people become weak due to sweating. Children over the age of 60 and those under the age of 5 are at risk, especially.”