Int’l Women Day: Dana, Kiron, Sabina want equality

Published : 08 Mar 2024 09:34 PM

Mahfuza Akjhte Kiron, chairman of the Women’s Wing of the Bngladesh Football Federation (BFF) feels honured having the opportunity to work with the country’s women footbll.    Kiron, who also enoyed the post of an executive member of the FIFA and AFC, when talking to the Bangaldesh Post on Friday said that marking the International Women Da is a powerful reminder of the significant to contributions that women make in various sectors in all over the world.

“International Women’s Day Is not just acelebration, it sis apowerful reminder of the significant contributions women make various spheres of life. In the World Sports, we have seen remarable progress, and yet there is still work to be done.”

“This is truly an honour to stand before the women our country on this monmentus of International Women’s Day. As an advocate for women’s empowerment is sports, it is hearting to witness the strides we continue to make towards gender equality, both on and off the field,” added.  

“However the journey towards equality is ongoing. We must continue advocating for equal opportunities, recognition and investment in women’s football,” Kiron said. 

Quamrun Nahar Dana, one of the pioneer sports personalities of Bangladesh wants an amendment in the National Constitution to confirm 30 percent quota for women in the different sports federations. 

Dana on the marking the day of the International Women Day said, “Actually I don’t want any special day for women but to have equal share and involvement of women in all sectors and enjoy the day without any discrimination.     

Dana, who played badminton 14 years in the top level of the domestic competition from 1976 to 1990, also represented the country in international competitions, told the Bangaldesh Post on the International Women Day.

Dana, one of the most popular women badminton players during her time and then turned into an organizer, elected as executive members of different federations for several times and at incumbent vice-president of the Bangladesh Badminton Federation.  

In her longtime involvement - 14 years as player and more than 20 years experienced as organisers, when talking to the Bangladesh Post on Friday said, “It’s really very much encouraging that women have been emerging into lime light for few last years. We can see the women are enjoying top level government posts, nowadays women hold the post of secretary level, AIG and also some different high level positions. In Sports also it’s very much inspiring that so many women are coming in the different sports, even in the football and cricket also. In our times it was really tough for women to be an athletes, specially, in football, cricket, hockey and Kabaddi. Now women earn feat in international arena.”

“So I feel women should have representation in different sports organization and now its’ the demand of time that in every federation there should have women executives and the Ministry should take the initiative to confirm at 30 percent quota for women to contest in the election of the federations. And it can be done with bringing an amendment in our constitution. ” Dana, who also feels that if 30 percent women would have involvement with different  federations, participation of women players would also be increased.         

Sabina Khatun, captain of Bangladesh National Women’s football team doesn’t believe in any special day for the Women and she expects nothing specific on this day.

She wants women will come forward to make them important in the society. “Actually, it’s nothing special, why it’s for one day? It mean one kind of discrimination. I want women will equally advance along with the men and would be acquainted with her own identity.” “Women have already advanced a lot in different fields including sports and I am hopeful that they will steps forward a more in future,’ said Sabina when talking to the Bangladesh Post.