Int’l Sustainable Dev Confce puts thrust on green tech to attain SDG

Published : 08 Nov 2021 10:55 PM | Updated : 09 Nov 2021 04:22 PM

The three-day 8th International Sustainable Development Conference-2021 begins virtually on Sunday, specially putting thrust on green technology, renewable energy, and environmental protection related issues towards achieving the agendas of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Experts from Bangladesh, United Kingdom, Spain, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Poland, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Iran, Tunisia, Serbia, Malaysia, Ethiopia, and Turkey will present their papers as speakers in this conference.

Touhidul Alam Khan, additional maanging director of Standard Bank Limited from Bangladesh will present a paper in the conference titled on “Journey towards sustainable banking and financial inclusion in Bangladesh through innovation” in first day of the conference.

Sustainable Development Conference [SDC] is one-of-a-kind platforms for global stakeholders from academic, professional, and governmental realms to gather, network and discuss sustainable development, green technologies, climate change, renewable energy, public policies and more.  SDC offers a unique, culturally, and professionally diverse environment, carefully designed to foster personal and professional growth. 

"This is a highly exciting and challenging international conference on sustainable development is intended to be a forum, discussion and networking place for academics, researchers, professionals, administrators, educational leaders, policy makers, industry representatives and others from around the world” said Md. Touhidul Alam Khan, additional managing director of Standard Bank Limited.

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Every year Sustainable Development Conference gathers scholars, professionals, and policy makers from across the globe, offering one of a kind learning and networking platform, in a safe, culturally and professionally diverse environment, carefully designed to foster personal and professional growth.  SDC focuses on themes related to sustainable economic development, environment, climate change and renewable energy. 

The speakers will address the issues that will have to face in transforming ideas into workable, innovative, and progressive projects. To achieve that, this 3-day event will include both exciting panel discussions and networking activities for educators of all ages and from all over the world. 

Mozammel Hoque, FCMA, Executive Vice Pesident of Saudi Bangladesh Industrial and Agricultiral Investment Company Limited (SABINCO) will attend in the conference as panelist of the session on “The importance of Education for Sustainable Development.’ Dr. Blessing Anykwa, University of Lagos, Dann Diez, Sustainable Energy and Enterprise Development for Communities, Philipines will also attend as panelists of the session.

Md. Touhidul Alam Khan has also been selected as a Scientific Committee member for this conference. The nominations from various countries, an international organization has selected total six members. Others from Italy, India, Philipines, Tunisia and Canada. As committee member, Touhidul Alam Khan has been offered to reviewing abstract and full paper to be submitted by the paper presenters to the conference and will also play the role of Jury Member. Khan is the fellow member of Institute of Cost & Management Accountants of Bangladesh (ICMAB) and first Certified Sustainability Reporting Assurer (CSRA) in Bangladesh.

“From the last two or three decades, we have seen that for the sake of economic growth, the health of the environment has taken a toll. As a result, there has been an impact on the environment such as decline in air quality and climate change due to greenhouse gases. All these factors led to the need for sustainable development, as if left unchecked it can cause irreversible damage to the environment”, opined by Mozammel Hoque panelist from Bangladesh.

Sustainable Development Conference-2021 will provide unlimited resources and opportunities to interact with prominent leaders in the field and greatly expand on global network of scholars and professionals.

“This remarkable international event aims to bring together prospective young educators and future leaders as well as experienced professionals and social workers from different parts of the world who will have the unique opportunity to learn, interact and share ideas with the most innovative educational and entrepreneurial ethos”, Touhidul Alam Khan opined.

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