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Int’l community responsible for Rohingya plights

Yao Wen says

Published : 06 Dec 2023 10:52 PM | Updated : 07 Dec 2023 02:22 PM

Chinese Ambassador to Bangladesh Yao Wen on Wednesday alleged that due to decreasing attention and assistance from the international community, the living conditions and security situation of the Rohingya camps in Bangladesh are deteriorating. 

The Chinese Ambassador told this at a programme of China’s hygiene kits donation for the displaced Rohingya people.

Organised by the UNHCR, the programme was hosted by Sumbul Rizvi, UNHCR New Representative in Bangladesh.

At the function, Chinese Ambassador Yao Wen delivered a keynote speech while Mr. Mizanur Rahman, Joint Secretary of Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief Md. Keramot Ali, Programme Coordinator of Myanmar Refugee Relief Operation of Bangladesh Red Crescent Society, among others, participate in the event.

In his speech, Chinese Ambassador Yao indicated that since the outbreak of the Rohingya crisis more than six years ago, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and the Government of Bangladesh have provided generous assistance to the displaced people, fully demonstrating the humanitarian spirit. 

“However, with the decreasing attention and assistance from the international community, the living conditions and security situation of the camps are deteriorating. The displaced people are eager to return to their homes, and they should do so”, he said. 

The Chinese Ambassador mentioned that Chinese Government is committed to promoting the joint efforts of Bangladesh and Myanmar to achieve the repatriation process at the earliest date. 

At the same time, he mentioned, Chinese Government is also very concerned about the survival of the displaced people, especially women and children. The donation of $1.5 million hygiene kits will help the displaced women raise their awareness of hygiene and improve their health. 

China stands ready to further strengthen its cooperation with UN agencies, including UNHCR, and to work actively for the repatriation and resolution of the issue of displaced people.

Ms Rizvi expresses her sincere gratitude to the Chinese side for its assistance to the displaced people, especially women and children. 

She noted that the camps for displaced peoples are currently facing a serious humanitarian crisis. The generous assistance provided by the Chinese Government at this critical moment fully reflects its concern for the displaced people, its support for the work of UNHCR, demonstrating the moral commitment of a responsible major country. 

UNHCR appreciates the Chinese side's commitment to solve the issue of displaced people politically, shares the view that voluntary, safe and sustainable repatriation is the only way to solve the issue, and is willing to further strengthen cooperation with the Chinese side

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