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Insight Fellowship Program 2024

Published : 20 Jan 2024 10:03 PM

With the help of the Insight Fellowship, outstanding people can advance their careers and personal development while studying and advocating for conflict resolution in non-profit organisations abroad. The first part of the year-long Fellowship is training and growth, followed by three global placements where the fellows exchange the best practises in conflict management theory and techniques. Working with communities impacted by some of the most violent conflicts in the world, the Insight Fellows group has made incalculable contributions to non-profits and the people they serve in nearly 40 countries.

The Fellowship encourages enterprising people who are passionate about conflict management to collaborate with organisations to improve their efficiency, whether that is through research, team training, or fortifying important connections in the industry. Upon completion of the year, fellows possess enhanced proficiency in managing conflicts, substantial practical experience, and heightened self-awareness, positioning them to effectively pursue their global citizenship objectives in both their personal and professional spheres.