Innovate climate-friendly paddy production

Tap into international market as soon as possible

Food has been a critical aspect of the country where much focus is being given. Especially during the coronavirus period, people have always been keeping an eye out for food shortage. Despite such alarm all across the country, there hasn’t been any such food shortage. 

This is quite laudable and also a good endeavour by the government to keep public morale up in these trying times. Also, it augurs well as experts are advising on using modern technology in paddy production. This couldn’t have come at a better time when all around development is being made in the country.

According to a report published in this daily, researchers have suggested using modern production technology, ensuring optimum usage of limited resources and collaboration in order to innovate climate-friendly paddy production. 

Rice being the staple food of the country has been in abundance for the past few years. Hence, there hasn’t been any shortage of rice, rather a substantial stockpile of this essential food grain has always been present in the country during the testing of coronavirus times.

There hasn’t been any shortage of rice, a rather substantial 

stockpile of this essential food grain has always been present 

in the country during the testing of coronavirus times

This has also resulted in the country setting record in food production during the time when the rest of the world was suffering from lockdowns and countless deaths across all fields. However, in all this good there is a single concerning instance, the area of arable lands is decreasing in the country slowly. 

This case of urbanisation and structures taking over farm lands is quite disconcerting to say the least. But, the solution, according to expert opinions, is to bring modern technology in the agriculture sector which is quite viable as there is still huge opportunity in the country for such modernisation to take place.

Above all, we hope that the food situation in the country will only go upwards. Also, in future we expect to exploit the international food market through exporting food products from the country. In this way the overall economic and global standing for the country will get better.