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Nine years of Rana Plaza tragedy

Injured yet to be rehabilitated

Published : 24 Apr 2022 10:22 PM | Updated : 25 Apr 2022 03:49 PM

It has been nine years since the most tragic incident in the history of the country’s readymade garment industry. The sufferings and agony still haunt the survivors of the catastrophic Rana Plaza tragedy.

Several rights organisations on Sunday observed the day through several programmes. The activists of the right bodies and relatives of the injured and victims of Rana Plaza formed a human chain and demanded supreme justice for all the culprits. They also demanded rehabilitation for all the injured.

Reproaching the incident, Nurbanu, one of the survivors of the tragic building collapse who received critical backbone injury, recalled the phenomenon of that day.

Nurbanu on Sunday said, “The catastrophe occurred in front of me. I can still feel the pain of that day. That is why I come to this place on this day every year.”

Not only Nurbanu but also many others have been still bearing the terrible memory of their life. Many people lost their ability to work. They are passing a miserable life.

   Haziron Begum, a sexagenarian mother who lost her son in that incident, told Bangladesh Post, “I don’t know where my son was buried. I didn’t get the body of my son (Shamim) from the debris. I often come here remembering my son. I wish I could get my son back.”

Kairul Mamun Mintu, Organising Secretary of Garment Sramik Trade Union Kendra, Central Committee said, “We are confused about the justice of the guilty people as the case is running at a snail’s pace. It has already been nine years. And the people are yet to get the justice.”

“Moreover, the demands that we have made are yet to be implemented,” he added.

Rafiqul Islam Sujon, President of Garment Sramik Somonnoy Parishad, the joint organisation of 27 rights organisation, regional committee told Bangladesh Post that they demanded to declare April 24 as the Garment Workers' Mourning Day. 

He also said, “We also demanded to build a permanent memorial in front of Rana Plaza in the memory of the victims of the tragic incident. The injured workers should be compensated with a handsome amount as many of them have become unable to work. The injured workers should be rehabilitated at the land of Rana Plaza.”

Orobindu Bepari Bindu, President of Biplobi Garment Sramik Federation, also made the similar demands in favour of the injured and family members of the victims Rana Plaza tragedy.

Many survivors, who somehow luckily managed to survive the tragic incident on the day, visited the spot of their fate. Many people who lost their family members and dear ones along with several social and rights organisations came to the place to mark the day. They remembered the deceased by placing wreaths at the altar of Rana Plaza.

On April 24 in 2013, the Rana Plaza building collapsed, leaving 1,132 people killed and more than 2,500 others injured. Rana Plaza was an eight-story commercial building in Savar, on the outskirts of Dhaka.

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