Initiatives taken to curb revenue dodging in Benapole port

Published : 24 Dec 2020 08:44 PM

After a one-day strike called by the Indian Workers' Union demanding unloading of goods in a daily basis, the customs authorities have taken a tough initiative in implementing it. Benapole Port Deputy Director (Traffic) Mamun Tarafdar opposes the customs directive. 

An office directive was issued on Wednesday to address revenue evasion, goods and traffic jams at the port, congestion of empty Indian trucks and theft of goods. As a result, it is possible for 400 trucks to enter the port in one day, unload and return to India, the traders said.

Benapole Port Deputy Director (Traffic) Mamun Tarafdar also opposes the customs directive. Five port user organizations and customs authorities have lodged the complaint against the Port deputy director. As a result, revenue collection and normal activities of the port are going to face a terrible crisis.

However, such initiatives by Customs are welcomed by Indian and Bangladeshi port user organizations.

The office order signed by Deputy Commissioner of Customs SM Shamimur Rahman said, preservation of commercial goods imported from India to bring transparency in revenue collection,

The customs was allotted 10 sheds for 12 reputed manufacturing companies and importers of the country to facilitate testing and customs clearance, speedy clearance, prevent serious complaints and smuggling.

Shed No. 31 for motorcycles, Tata cars, and chassis, TTI for perishable goods, 5 sheds for chemical products, 14 sheds for machineries, And 15 sheds were allotted for other products.

Matiar Rahman, director of the India-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industries, said revenue evasion, congestion at ports, congestion of Indian empty trucks. And the initiative being taken by the customs authorities to prevent theft of goods will result in irregularities, revenue evasion,

It will be possible to delivery of the product in a day. Such a move by Customs will only increase personal irregularities and revenue evasion at the port as only Mamun Tarafdar, the deputy director of the port, personally opposes it he added. 

Mofizur Rahman Sajan, President, Benapole C&F Agents Association, said, “We welcome the initiative of the customs authorities to stop revenue evasion and irregularities at the port.” 

Deputy Director of the port Mamun Tarafdar has been opposing the initiative of the customs to prevent long-term irregularities and revenue evasion in the port. He said, “This will hamper the transparent process of revenue collection of the government. We never support the fact that one person will break the discipline of the whole port.”

Md. Azizur Rahman, Commissioner, Benapole Customs House, said that the meeting was held with the port authorities to prevent various irregularities in the port, prevention of revenue evasion, speedy return of empty Indian trucks, congestion of empty trucks and theft of goods. Office orders are issued. In addition, ports, customs and port user organizations have visited the port. Suddenly, the deputy director of the port took a stand against the office order, which will create an obstacle in the collection of revenue he added.